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C1 1953 - 1962 Tech/Performance - Internal Engine, External Engine, Tech Topics, Performance Results
1954 air filterJust did an engine rebuild. When we add the air filter manifold the power and pe... by Stephen Troy (07/22/2022) 0
Searching for a certain 1962 Corvette?Hope everyone is doing well. I am searching for a 1962 Honduras Maroon Corvette... by Bandit 2.0 (07/18/2021) 0
Driveline Rubbing On UnderbodyI have a '65 roadster. Under hard launches it sounds like the drive-line is... by Andy Bedoian (04/11/2020) 0
Al Knoch seat coversI am doing a restoration on a 57 Corvette. I have heard other rumors of people N... by Robert Rose (04/09/2020) 2
1956 Corvette - grinds while shifting to first gearI purchased a 1956 all original corvette this year. Runs well, but grinds when ... by John Enloe (01/02/2019) 7
Engine oil for 1958 C1 CorvetteI am a Brit who has just purchased a long awaited 1958 Corvette dream car. I ha... by James Daintith (11/18/2016) 1
67 chevelle ssThis is a Fremont california built car. Rare column shift auto. Bench seat. S... by Doug Taylor (01/21/2015) 1
67 vette conv paperworkI have a 67 vette from St louis plant. Dec 66 I have no paperwork on this car a... by Doug Taylor (01/20/2015) 0
1962 MSD fuel injection systemI am considering installing an electronic fuel injection system on my 1962. It h... by Dick Boyer (10/15/2013) 1
tiresandwheelsis there an aftermarket wheel, perhaps torque thrust, that will clear the brakes... by anonymous (04/04/2011) 1
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C1 1953 - 1962 General Discussion - General C1 Discussion, In the Manual, Basic Tech
Paint removalWe just bought a 62 with, literally, Bass Boat Blue paint. It was painted in the... by Tom (09/12/2021) 0
1954 Drive GearMy drive gear is stripped on my 1954 C!. I cant find the exact replacement . Has... by Stephen Troy (11/18/2020) 2
Looking for Jerry Phelps and my old 1961 Fawn Beige FuelieI tracked down my old '61 Fuelie soft top delete Vette by it's VIN and it now re... by QZRBLU (04/17/2017) 0
Vapor lock on a 1960 I have a 1960 with dual carbs. After driving around I cluch in to shift gears on... by Randy Kertesz (06/16/2014) 2
CORVETTE RESTORATION AZ BANKRUPTCYTo all Vette enthusiasts, I am one of the Vette Owners who was left in the dark,... by Ihor Petrenko (08/17/2011) 3
62 Vette Restoration QuestionsHaving my Vette restored while deployed in Iraq. Does anyone recommend a good q... by Ihor Petrenko (12/11/2009) 6
1954 corvette windshield is a safety-float ASI-JI not a safety-Float???I have a 1954 corvette that I am replacing the winshield because it states it is... by Mark Wiley (10/16/2009) 0
rear window replacement-Hard topI'm about to replace the rear window on my hard top, Is there any tips as to how... by Paul Hafner (09/09/2009) 0
intake and carbsI recently purchased a 1961 that included the original 270hp 283 block. My quest... by Les Peterson (05/07/2009) 1
1962 C1I purchased a body off restoration vette from a fellow who sold 'old' parts to h... by Jere Colman (08/18/2008) 1
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C2 1963 - 1967 Tech/Performance - Internal Engine, External Engine, Tech Topics, Performance Results
1963 stick-shift replacementI have a 63 Vette with a very loose shifter. It gets hung-up often and pops out ... by Alan Jones (07/03/2020) 3
1966 Coupe DiecastHas anyone come across or know where I can get a 66 coupe, red, 427 hood, side p... by Richard Rogers (02/15/2019) 0
Need a Recommendation for 327 Engine Rebuild Southern CalI have a 65 327/350 Factory A/C convertible. Had it for 29 YEARS. A gorgeous sho... by Jeff Menkes (07/22/2018) 0
65 Temperature Gauge and Sender IssuesGreat team of guys you were with help on my clutch issue. Thanks. My 65 is a 32... by Jeff Menkes (07/20/2015) 1
C2 Clutch ShudderI have a 65 327/350 A/C Convertible that I've had and babied for 25 years. A stu... by Jeff Menkes (02/07/2015) 9
1965 396/425 Hard hot startsAnyone know how to fix a vapor lock problem? My Corvette starts fine when cold b... by John Forster (01/22/2014) 1
Recommended shopI too have a 63 split and while they are NOT in your area, the guys, Ed and Bill... by Philip D'Alessandro (07/26/2010) 3
Engine Rebuild Pat Musi Performance 48 Lefferts Street. Carteret NJ, 07008 Phone: 732-541-19... by JLTOY (07/26/2010) 0
Remanufactured Engine SuppliersI have a '63 Split Window but I unfortunately do not have the correct numbered 3... by Rick (07/16/2010) 1
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C2 1963 - 1967 General Discussion - General C2 Discussion, In the Manual, Basic Tech
1967 needs repaintingI have a 1967 that needs to be repainted. Anyone know of a paint shop they could... by Stu (05/17/2021) 2
Voltage regulator problem?On my 1967 327/350 I recently upgraded from original points distributor to new d... by Richard Barkholz (08/08/2020) 0
1967 coupe-327/300 poor brakesThis car is new to me, I purchased it and drove it home from Ohio to VT. The bra... by Jack Mosley (01/05/2019) 6
1965 4Speed Transmission LeakMy 4 speed transmission is leaking oil between the transmission and the bellhous... by Andy Bedoian (01/22/2018) 6
AppraisalI need to get an appraisal of my '63 split window for insurance. Anyone know ho... by Cindy Siler (11/22/2016) 0
Header wrapI have a 383 with ceramic coated headers. I have extra insulation under the carp... by Arthur Knigge (08/17/2012) 2
retractable headlights 1990 CoupeWhy do the retractable headlights on my 1990 Corvette work perfectly in cold wea... by Philip Kiraly (11/15/2011) 2
Heat insulation for '67 Corvette 427/400 side pipes, etc.I have just wrapped my side pipes in "header wrap" and it has been ver... by Randy (07/21/2011) 1
Clutch pedal shaftAny info or tips on replacing the clutch pedal shaft on my '64. The replacement... by Mike Porter (01/06/2011) 1
C2 suspensionI have a '65. I am considering doing a VBP suspension upgrade. I want to improve... by Don Vaughan (12/28/2010) 1
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C3 1968 - 1982 Tech/Performance - Internal Engine, External Engine, Tech Topics, Performance Results
hood actuatorhas anyone ever seen electric hood actuators to open and close hood maybe some k... by Steve Lowther (10/12/2020) 0
Stainless Steel Headers and Side PipesDoes anyone know where I can purchase stainless steel headers and side pipes for... by jrandka (11/04/2019) 0
car dieshave a 1975 350cui wieth hei ignition after car gets to running tem. it dies wai... by Steve Lowther (07/26/2019) 1
My 1970 Keeps Cutting out when acceleratingHello. I recently purchased a 1970 base model with a matching # rebuilt engine (... by John Parodi (09/12/2018) 14
Drives awful!I have a 71 coupe that has gone through a frame on restoration, all of the rubbe... by MACM (10/17/2017) 3
Seat covers?Best to buy new or recover? My '77 driver's side is in need of repair so... by Richard Russell (07/24/2017) 1
VIN # request through CARFAX?I acquired a 1977 model Corvette last year and have been trying (?) to no avail ... by Richard Russell (07/24/2017) 2
Transmission & OilWhat is the best transmission fluid for me to use on my 1971 automatic? Also wh... by Lawrence McLin (11/11/2016) 6
V-8 Small Block RebuildAm looking at getting my 350/270 engine rebuilt on my 1971 and if no major issu... by Lawrence McLin (05/21/2016) 6
LT-1 Valve AdjustmentI'm trying to adjust the solid lifters on my LT-1. A lot of the valves feel spu... by Andy Bedoian (06/04/2015) 1
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C3 1968 - 1982 General Discussion - General C3 Discussion, In the Manual, Basic Tech
Charcoal vapor canister need!!!Looking for a 1978 charcoal canister in good to better than good shape... by Michael Kane (11/01/2019) 1
Vented gas cap 78!!I have a chrome plated locking gas cap on my 78 and would like to know if it ven... by Michael Kane (10/20/2019) 1
suppressorI have a 1975 vette I just received a rebuilt steering column and it has a what ... by Steve Lowther (10/19/2019) 0
1988 original ally wheelsI have for sale the four original 1988 alloy wheels with center hubs for sale. by Gary Gerber (07/04/2019) 0
Badly Needed Qjet Parts!!!!I'd like to inquire if anyone has the carbon steel air lines that complete t... by Michael Kane (07/04/2019) 2
aging plastic bottleI wish to make my new windshield washer bottle appear as the filler neck and coo... by crznvette (04/13/2019) 2
Matching numbers question?I'm looking at a 1970 convertible that is supposed to be a matching numbers ... by MACM (09/01/2017) 2
VIN/options history reports?There use to be a company or two that you could pay to research your VIN and tel... by MACM (08/06/2017) 0
Hood lift helpI am 74 years old, and I have owned 8 corvettes. After my recent back surgery I... by sgt.silver (05/12/2016) 4
Hood InsulationI was wondering if anyone has used the new "replacement" hood insulato... by D (04/03/2016) 0
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C4 1984 - 1996 Tech/Performance - Internal Engine, External Engine, Tech Topics, Performance Results
C4 Injector ChangeoutI have a '87 C4 Coupe that I have owned for some 27+ years. Over the years I... by LD (06/02/2018) 0
1978 Corvette Pace CarHope someone can help me find 1978 Pace Car CB Radio Antenna. Have looked every... by Wally Arnold (11/05/2014) 1
'95 ECM problemsMy '95 Corvette simply stopped working when using the key to start the engine. ... by Mike Steele (06/30/2014) 10
fuel injectors for 1985I have a 85 Corvette (I'm the third owner) and I think I need to change the fuel... by Ron (04/09/2014) 1
1987 coupe Injector connector replacementI have some nicked and broken connector leads to my injectors. I am searching fo... by David Coulson (07/29/2013) 0
1985 4 + 3 transmissionMy transmission will not stay in overdrive. It has gotten more sensitive over ti... by Steve Meillier (04/15/2013) 4
bODY CONTROL MODULEI need a body control module for my 1995 corvette. The high beam indicator light... by Harry Geety (11/07/2012) 0
Need '94 PCMDoes anyone have a source for a '94-95 Power Control Module (PCM), GM part no. 8... by Anonymous (01/07/2012) 6
C4 1991 Convertible Luggage Rack Needed Desperately!Help!!! We were recently the victims of a hit & run and we are having an ex... by Peter Victoria (09/21/2011) 0
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C4 1984 - 1996 General Discussion - General C4 Discussion, In the Manual, Basic Tech
Primary Fan and engine coolingI have a 1990 Corvette 5.7 L-98 with auto. It has 25,000 miles. It has a new wa... by Philip Kiraly (04/19/2021) 1
1988 Hood release handle replacement 4 12 2017I am trying to replace the hood latch release handle, old one came off good, but... by Ralph Geigner (04/12/2017) 0
F45 SuspensionI just purchased my first Corvette and will pick up a 1996 coupe next month. Se... by Ed Hill (03/09/2017) 3
1988 Corvette Suggested tries pressures ? I have 2 1988's and both if going by the " Book " etc. shows the tire ... by Ralph Geigner (06/05/2016) 0
Replace steering wheelMy 89 Corvette's steering wheel is worn and the horn does not work. First, ho... by Repented Hipster (02/03/2014) 1
89 center console lid latch catchI have an 89 with a center console that will not stay closed. I have a workable ... by Repented Hipster (12/16/2013) 2
96 C4 TPMSBought My 96 C4 Coupe new, Christmas of 95. Only has 26K miles on it. Last year ... by Roy Elliott (11/04/2013) 5
Looking for a Wind Screen for C5I have tried the screen that Mid America, etc has in their catalog but found the... by Richard Koentopp (08/05/2013) 0
Rear window shade for C 4 CoupNeed a Rear window shade for C 4 Coup, sometimes travel with our dog but she roa... by Mike Daly (07/29/2013) 1
Bra for front of C4I had a LeBra on the front of my C4 Corvette here in Ohio. Our disadvantage was... by Patty Dannhausen (02/11/2013) 4
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C4 1991 - 1995 ZR-1 - General Discussion, Internal Engine, External Engine, Tech Topics, Performance Results
1992 wiper/turn signal switch availabilityI have a 1992 LT1 auto coupe, and the combined wiper/ turn signal switch is brok... by Berry Drijsen (03/29/2020) 5
92 DiecastI have looked everywhere for a 1992 Red Corvette Coupe diecast. Can anyone offer... by 92 Vette (03/05/2009) 0
1989 coorvettei have89 vette when it gets warm up it starts cutting out if you turn off the en... by Michael Cabral (09/01/2007) 3
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C5 1997 - 2004 Tech/Performance - Internal Engine, External Engine, Tech Topics, Performance Results
Updated headlight harness My headlights fail to open when the engine is running, only when it's not runn... by Keith Schut (04/27/2017) 2
Two issues - differential and radioFirst - my 2002 std. automatic has a Differential whine. It is the ring gear b... by Tom Wright (02/29/2016) 0
C5 TiresI recently replaced the tires on my C4 and went to Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Spo... by Karl Dryfhout (06/18/2014) 2
2001 C5 tiresAfter 23,000 miles it is time to replace my tires. What tires are recommended th... by Steve Flock (06/14/2014) 13
You should be using Top-tier gas onlytoptiergas.com is a list of retailers that meet GM's detergency specs for gasoli... by Thomas Morgan (10/31/2012) 1
Remote Door Lock Doesn't Hold Programming-2000 C5 ConvertibleThe remote key entry (RKE) became erratic and finally failed to unlock the doors... by Larry Peregrine (10/29/2012) 1
C5-1998 Convertible-Tailights/Dashlights requires 4-5 times to get on?? My 1998 Convertible Tailights and Dash lights won't go on right away. They decid... by Capt. Harry Van Wormer (11/03/2010) 2
2004 Vette Emissions ProblemMy Vette has 18,600 miles and the engine check light keeps appearing with a (P04... by Frank Johnston (05/28/2010) 8
Need possible transmission workI have a 2001 C5. Took car in to dealer for service because of noise that sound... by Eddie Daniels (05/17/2010) 2
C5 Wipers stay on after handwashing???? My 1998 Convert. After hand washing the windsheild wipers go on low speed I j... by Capt. Harry Van Wormer (04/26/2010) 0
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C5 1997 - 2004 General Discussion - General C5 Discussion, In the Manual, Basic Tech
ABS Traction lightsI have a 1999. both lights came on and won't clear. Dealer diagnosed and the EBC... by Randall Schmoyer (05/15/2017) 5
Traction control ABS lights onI have a 2003 with less than 17000 mile on it. Recently when I started the car t... by Tom Ferguson (10/13/2014) 11
c5 upgrade (wheels)I want to install bigger tires on my 2001 vette, I want to put 18's on the front... by Big Daddy (04/05/2014) 0
Lifting a C5Hi All -- I have a 2002 C5 convertible. I also have a professional lift in my C... by Phil deVries (03/22/2014) 1
Observation to Share -- 2002 Convertible HEADLIGHTSHere's an FYI -- Last season, my right headlight began acting rather lazy when p... by Phil deVries (03/22/2014) 0
Corvette Construction StandardsAs a die-hard Corvette enthusiast having owned over a dozen, my first at age 18 ... by Lynnie Hinely (07/10/2012) 0
C5 steering wheel lock upI had that on my 99' where the sterring wheel locked up and was recalled. GM fix... by Kevin Wolverton (05/23/2012) 0
Service Active Handling SystemI have a 2004 Convertible made date 4/6/2004 with Service Active Handling System... by Lynnie Hinely (05/21/2012) 2
cruize controlI have a 1999 coupe. the cruize control will not engage. Not sure where to st... by BP (08/18/2011) 6
AccessoriesWhere can one get replacement items for mirrored CORVETTE letters for the back b... by Thomas Mangapora (05/09/2011) 7
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C5 2001 - 2004 Z06 - General Discussion, Internal Engine, External Engine, Tech Topics, Performance Results
Tuners and Dealership WarrantiesI have heard of a few older and reputable ?tuners? in and about the industry h... by AC (03/26/2020) 0
Oil leakage on differentialI found out why, now how do you fix the problem. When it leaks it stinks. by E.E. (Gene) Hawk (03/07/2018) 0
Security system alarm helpI continue to have a muted alarm after the system times out and arms (courtesy l... by Michael Tucker (01/13/2018) 4
Oil leakage on differentialI have a 2003 Z06 with about 16,000 miles on it. When I drive it about 100 mile... by E.E. (Gene) Hawk (01/03/2018) 2
2001 passenger side door lockPassenger side door lock will not open or lock with either the key fob or the dr... by Don Karanik (05/01/2011) 1
Column Lock BypassI have a 02 Z06 with a column lock problem. After some research, I am going to i... by Ed Forman (08/22/2010) 3
Service lights for ABS,Traction Control, Active Handling, ALL at the same time!2003 Anniversary Edition (yes, the REAL model), 21000 miles! Got the SERVICE AB... by Thomas Hasslinger (06/16/2010) 2
Emissions Engine Check LightI own a 2004 C5 Vette with 18,000 miles and my engine check light came on. When ... by Frank Johnston (05/12/2010) 1
check traction control lightI have a 2002 Z06 had to do a rolling jump start. Right after got waring lights... by Arthur Brenneke (02/12/2010) 1
C5 -2004 VetteI have driven my 2004 since new with 17,000 miles . My headsup display lights up... by Frank Johnston (09/23/2009) 5
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C6 2005 - 2013 Tech/Performance - Internal Engine, External Engine, Tech Topics, Performance Results
Help- I'm locked out.......Recently purchased an 08 Pace Car Convertible and the key fob stopped working, h... by Steven Steele (07/24/2016) 3
1978 Corvette Pace CarLooking for Power CB Radio Antenna seems they stopped production and please any... by Wally Arnold (01/12/2015) 0
C6 Remote StartLooking for a remote start solution for a 2006. by Donald Labriola (01/08/2015) 0
Service CentersI have a 2007 coupe. I have not had any problems so far but I don't want to wai... by Richard Giro (06/13/2014) 1
Exhaust SoundCorvette newbie with a 2012 base corvette. First upgrade I want to make is to t... by Dennis Visich (04/26/2013) 1
Exhaust RecommendationsI recently purchased a 2012 Grand Sport and wanted to get a different set of pip... by Chris Mason (05/07/2012) 0
Front End NoiseMy 2006 (standard model) convertible makes a loud grinding front end noise (only... by Gary C. (02/18/2009) 1
2008 Heater ControlsNow that the weather is cooler (sometimes cold), I need to crank the temperature... by KingEv (11/06/2008) 0
C6 Brakes Have a 2008 with the Z51 package with only 3000 miles Problem is if I apply t... by Alan Engnes (10/21/2008) 0
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C6 2005 - 2013 General Discussion - General C6 Discussion, In the Manual, Basic Tech
2006 corvette convertiblejust got notification that onstar won't be working as of december 2022 becau... by Douglas Tino (09/20/2022) 0
Navigation System C6 GSI purchased a 2010 GS 2 years ago, with a navigation system. The system requires... by Stewart Rappaport (12/02/2020) 2
LS3 Tapping NoiseI'm experiencing an intermittent tapping noise coming from under the intake ... by C36Maverick (12/05/2018) 0
Radio upgrade optionsJust bought a used 06 base convertible with base single disc radio. Volume knob... by Steve Davis (10/12/2017) 0
Side MirrorsWhen I drive my 2005 C6 and put it in reverse, the side mirrors go down for back... by Jack Fields (11/04/2014) 1
C6 mufflersAny one had any experience with the mufflers from Mid-America; MAM Quad Cruiser ... by Mike Scribner (06/20/2014) 0
Clutch Fluid Low Causing Yellow Engine Warning Light to Come On.My 2007 Vette has been sitting in my garage for a week since the yellow engine w... by Dan McCrea (06/11/2014) 6
2007 Z06 digital display for air/heat controlI have a 2007 Ron Fellows Z06 with 12,000 miles. Yesterday while driving the car... by Robert Snyder (05/30/2014) 2
Condensation inside headlamp modularAfter a heavy rain I noticed a lot of vapor condensation inside the right headl... by Charlie Mauch (12/11/2012) 5
Corvette Quality & Customer ServiceAs a die-hard Corvette enthusiast having owned over a dozen, my first at age 18 ... by Lynnie Hinely (07/10/2012) 0
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C6 2006 - 2013 Z06 - General Discussion, Internal Engine, External Engine, Tech Topics, Performance Results
2008 ZO6 Handling QuestionThis my first experience with a wide tire powerful Vette other than my 94 ZR1. ... by Gary Moscowitz (10/07/2010) 4
Oil in Air IntakeI have a 2007 ZO6 with about 7500 miles on it. On a recent trip, after accelerat... by William Driscoll (08/09/2007) 2
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Autocrossing & Roadracing - Autocrossing, Road Racing
My First AutocrossAfter buying my first 2007 Corvette Coupe, I was invited to a TSSCC event at the... by Douglas Story (09/05/2007) 0
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Engine Mods - Engine Modifications, Discussion
Air conditioningOn my 09 ZR1 when I turn on the Air conditioning hot air comes out on the drive... by Glenn Madrigrano (10/09/2010) 2
1969 Low Profile Intake ManifoldI bought a 69 big block vette with an L88 hood and would like to convert it back... by noah (09/30/2010) 2
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Paint/Body - Materials, Techniques, How to, Discussion
Body mounts Hi i have a shop in scraborough in ontairo we are working on a 1968 coupe d... by Frank Blandizzi (02/08/2012) 1
Paint Shop RecommendationDoes anyone know of an excellent paint shop in the Salt Lake City area? Attenti... by Anonymous (04/03/2011) 0
Need a hood for 68 - 72 big blockI have a friend who is restoring a 70 Big Block. He needs a hood. Anybody have ... by Chuck Jilbert (11/18/2010) 0
Color of shocks - 64I have heard that the shocks should all be painted gray. I have also heard that... by Geoff Batchelder (12/14/2007) 0
paint and finish restorationI was on Tail of the Dragon in TN last week and somebody bumped/scratched the le... by Brian Weyeneth (07/25/2007) 1
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Wheels & Tires - Wheels, Tires, Discussion
Kelsey-Hayes 1965 Original wheelsCan anyone recommend a company that can restore my wheels? Thanks by John Forster (12/25/2014) 1
13" C4 Brake RotorsOdd question, but my 96 has the same HD brake option (j55 I believe) and nothing... by Kenneth Watters (02/03/2010) 1
c-4i have a 1995 roadster auto. with 13" rotors. no where on the window sticke... by Dennis Corona (01/17/2010) 4
1954 corvette Windshield is it OEM or replacment???I have a 1954 corvette that I am replacing the winshield because it states it is... by Mark Wiley (10/16/2009) 1
Run Flat Tire replacementI have a 2007 C6 Coupe and am looking at upgrading rims & tires. I have rea... by Mike Eldred (07/19/2009) 1
Just an introductionTouching base with members. Glad to join the group. I am a tire engineer with t... by wolfdogs (02/20/2009) 1
CRAY WHEELSAnyone have Cray wheels? Comments or ratings? Are they lighter than stock C5 whe... by Vic Ensalata (11/23/2008) 0
Wheel tire pressure sensor The local dealership damaged my right front tire pressure sensor and are unable ... by Thomas Conor (11/08/2008) 1
Replacement tire experience with your C6Does anyone care to comment on their satisfaction with non-Goodyear replacement ... by Bob (06/02/2008) 3
Correct Tire Manufacturer for 1974 Corvette As I remember my 1974 Corvette Sting Ray came with GR 70x15 Raised White Letter ... by Larry B. Gross (04/01/2008) 1
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Audio/Electronics - Audio, Radar Detectors, Electronics, Discussion
nav for 2001 vettcan anyone tell me what year nav will fit my 2001 vett coupe. if none can anybod... by John Farmer (09/18/2012) 0
OEM nav radio2 Questions. Is anyone aware if all the Nav radios have XM ability built in, an... by Lloyd Wentz (11/12/2007) 0
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Car Care Discussion - Wax, Polish, Detailing
2007 coupe I live in the York, Pa. area. My 2007 coupe has not had any problems so far but... by Richard Giro (06/13/2014) 2
Corvette storageIf a Vette (C2, C3) is prepared properly for cold storage, what possible detrime... by William Booth (07/23/2010) 11
Windshield CleanersDoes anyone have a good windshield cleaning product they would like to share? I... by Mike Eldred (11/13/2007) 5
Dryer sheetsAre those bugs splattered all over your car after a nice ride driving you crazy?... by George Haray (07/20/2007) 0
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Off Topic - Off Topic, Non Corvette
Shipping a 68 Corvette - west coast transport neededI need to have a car transported from Bay Area California to San Diego Port. Da... by jrandka (06/01/2021) 0
CORVETTE SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALSAnyone following the current Chevy Super Bowl commercial contest? In early No... by Michael Brown (01/11/2012) 0
original options / post new replayI drive a 2001 withabout 80,000 mi, (driven daily) about two years ago I ran int... by Richard Burnett (05/28/2010) 0
Off TopicI own a 2004 C5 convertible and engine check light just come on. Checked the gas... by Frank Johnston (05/01/2010) 0
CORVETTE'S 7TH GENERATIONWhat does everyone think about the chances that the Concept Corvette in the late... by Michael Brown (01/04/2010) 0
noise in rearendhave noise in rear end sounds like a flat tire. have the universail joint out ... by Wanda Dills (07/13/2009) 0
2001 headlight motor noisewhat is the repair for the noisey motor when turned off ? by John Russell (09/27/2007) 1
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Other Cars - Non Corvettes, Winter Cars, Daily Drivers
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Upcoming Events Discussion -
ModelsIs there a difference between a427 and a ZR1?or are they different names for sam... by Batpig (11/11/2012) 0
Club Parking Area @ Corvettes @ CarlisleDoes NCOA have an alloted parking area @ Corvettes @ Carlisle? If so, who do we... by Bill Flammer (03/07/2008) 1
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C7 2014 - ? Tech/Performance - Internal Engine, External Engine, Tech Topics, Performance Results
2014 C7 Stringray Coupe Third Brake Light AccessI have installed red LEDS inside the red reflectors on my rear diffuser. I wan... by Wayne Achtzehn (04/09/2017) 1
low c7 idle speedI have two questions: 1. Why is the manual transmission idle speed on my 2015 c... by Michael McNutt (02/17/2017) 1
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C7 2014 - ? General Discussion - General C6 Discussion, In the Manual, Basic Tech
speaker2008, when i open the driver side door with the care off I hear load noise comin... by Carl Flores (06/04/2021) 0
Flex fuel sensorDoes anyone know of a manufacturer that has a flex fuel sensor for the 2019 Corv... by Mitch (01/27/2021) 2
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