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C1 1953 - 1962 Tech/Performance - Internal Engine, External Engine, Tech Topics, Performance Results
1961 Speedometer & Tachometer CablesNew to the forum. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have a 1961... by Keith Martinous (06/14/2024) 0
1954 air filterJust did an engine rebuild. When we add the air filter manifold the power and pe... by Stephen Troy (07/22/2022) 0
Searching for a certain 1962 Corvette?Hope everyone is doing well. I am searching for a 1962 Honduras Maroon Corvette... by Bandit 2.0 (07/18/2021) 0
Driveline Rubbing On UnderbodyI have a '65 roadster. Under hard launches it sounds like the drive-line is... by Andy Bedoian (04/11/2020) 0
Al Knoch seat coversI am doing a restoration on a 57 Corvette. I have heard other rumors of people N... by Robert Rose (04/09/2020) 2
1956 Corvette - grinds while shifting to first gearI purchased a 1956 all original corvette this year. Runs well, but grinds when ... by John Enloe (01/02/2019) 7
Engine oil for 1958 C1 CorvetteI am a Brit who has just purchased a long awaited 1958 Corvette dream car. I ha... by James Daintith (11/18/2016) 1
67 chevelle ssThis is a Fremont california built car. Rare column shift auto. Bench seat. S... by Doug Taylor (01/21/2015) 1
67 vette conv paperworkI have a 67 vette from St louis plant. Dec 66 I have no paperwork on this car a... by Doug Taylor (01/20/2015) 0
1962 MSD fuel injection systemI am considering installing an electronic fuel injection system on my 1962. It h... by Dick Boyer (10/15/2013) 1
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C1 1953 - 1962 General Discussion - General C1 Discussion, In the Manual, Basic Tech
Paint removalWe just bought a 62 with, literally, Bass Boat Blue paint. It was painted in the... by Tom (09/12/2021) 0
1954 Drive GearMy drive gear is stripped on my 1954 C!. I cant find the exact replacement . Has... by Stephen Troy (11/18/2020) 2
Vapor lock on a 1960 I have a 1960 with dual carbs. After driving around I cluch in to shift gears on... by Randy Kertesz (06/16/2014) 2
CORVETTE RESTORATION AZ BANKRUPTCYTo all Vette enthusiasts, I am one of the Vette Owners who was left in the dark,... by Ihor Petrenko (08/17/2011) 3
62 Vette Restoration QuestionsHaving my Vette restored while deployed in Iraq. Does anyone recommend a good q... by Ihor Petrenko (12/11/2009) 6
1954 corvette windshield is a safety-float ASI-JI not a safety-Float???I have a 1954 corvette that I am replacing the winshield because it states it is... by Mark Wiley (10/16/2009) 0
rear window replacement-Hard topI'm about to replace the rear window on my hard top, Is there any tips as to how... by Paul Hafner (09/09/2009) 0
intake and carbsI recently purchased a 1961 that included the original 270hp 283 block. My quest... by Les Peterson (05/07/2009) 1
1962 C1I purchased a body off restoration vette from a fellow who sold 'old' parts to h... by Jere Colman (08/18/2008) 1
Holes & Convertable TopI am in the process of reassembling a 1961 vette and am wondering about all the ... by Tom Doe (06/24/2008) 0
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C2 1963 - 1967 Tech/Performance - Internal Engine, External Engine, Tech Topics, Performance Results
1963 stick-shift replacementI have a 63 Vette with a very loose shifter. It gets hung-up often and pops out ... by Alan Jones (07/03/2020) 3
1966 Coupe DiecastHas anyone come across or know where I can get a 66 coupe, red, 427 hood, side p... by Richard Rogers (02/15/2019) 0
Need a Recommendation for 327 Engine Rebuild Southern CalI have a 65 327/350 Factory A/C convertible. Had it for 29 YEARS. A gorgeous sho... by Jeff Menkes (07/22/2018) 0
65 Temperature Gauge and Sender IssuesGreat team of guys you were with help on my clutch issue. Thanks. My 65 is a 32... by Jeff Menkes (07/20/2015) 1
C2 Clutch ShudderI have a 65 327/350 A/C Convertible that I've had and babied for 25 years. A stu... by Jeff Menkes (02/07/2015) 9
1965 396/425 Hard hot startsAnyone know how to fix a vapor lock problem? My Corvette starts fine when cold b... by John Forster (01/22/2014) 1
Recommended shopI too have a 63 split and while they are NOT in your area, the guys, Ed and Bill... by Philip D'Alessandro (07/26/2010) 3
Engine Rebuild Pat Musi Performance 48 Lefferts Street. Carteret NJ, 07008 Phone: 732-541-19... by JLTOY (07/26/2010) 0
Remanufactured Engine SuppliersI have a '63 Split Window but I unfortunately do not have the correct numbered 3... by Rick (07/16/2010) 1
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C2 1963 - 1967 General Discussion - General C2 Discussion, In the Manual, Basic Tech
New Corvette Owner With Configuration QuestionsHi, I am new to the forum and look forward to learning - and hopefully sharing -... by Charles Jones (05/02/2023) 1
Western NC paint shop?I live near Asheville NC and am looking for a paint shop to do my 66 coupe. Tha... by David Harris (01/17/2023) 0
1967 needs repaintingI have a 1967 that needs to be repainted. Anyone know of a paint shop they could... by Stu (05/17/2021) 2
Voltage regulator problem?On my 1967 327/350 I recently upgraded from original points distributor to new d... by Richard Barkholz (08/08/2020) 0
1967 coupe-327/300 poor brakesThis car is new to me, I purchased it and drove it home from Ohio to VT. The bra... by Jack Mosley (01/05/2019) 6
1965 4Speed Transmission LeakMy 4 speed transmission is leaking oil between the transmission and the bellhous... by Andy Bedoian (01/22/2018) 6
AppraisalI need to get an appraisal of my '63 split window for insurance. Anyone know ho... by Cindy Siler (11/22/2016) 0
Header wrapI have a 383 with ceramic coated headers. I have extra insulation under the carp... by Arthur Knigge (08/17/2012) 2
retractable headlights 1990 CoupeWhy do the retractable headlights on my 1990 Corvette work perfectly in cold wea... by Philip Kiraly (11/15/2011) 2
Heat insulation for '67 Corvette 427/400 side pipes, etc.I have just wrapped my side pipes in "header wrap" and it has been ver... by Randy (07/21/2011) 1
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C3 1968 - 1982 Tech/Performance - Internal Engine, External Engine, Tech Topics, Performance Results
Rear end noiseHello. Only after i have been driving my 1969 for around 20 to 30 mins do I st... by Robert Perkins (02/14/2024) 5
hood actuatorhas anyone ever seen electric hood actuators to open and close hood maybe some k... by Steve Lowther (10/12/2020) 0
Stainless Steel Headers and Side PipesDoes anyone know where I can purchase stainless steel headers and side pipes for... by jrandka (11/04/2019) 0
car dieshave a 1975 350cui wieth hei ignition after car gets to running tem. it dies wai... by Steve Lowther (07/26/2019) 1
My 1970 Keeps Cutting out when acceleratingHello. I recently purchased a 1970 base model with a matching # rebuilt engine (... by John Parodi (09/12/2018) 14
Drives awful!I have a 71 coupe that has gone through a frame on restoration, all of the rubbe... by MACM (10/17/2017) 3
Seat covers?Best to buy new or recover? My '77 driver's side is in need of repair so... by Richard Russell (07/24/2017) 1
VIN # request through CARFAX?I acquired a 1977 model Corvette last year and have been trying (?) to no avail ... by Richard Russell (07/24/2017) 2
Transmission & OilWhat is the best transmission fluid for me to use on my 1971 automatic? Also wh... by Lawrence McLin (11/11/2016) 6
V-8 Small Block RebuildAm looking at getting my 350/270 engine rebuilt on my 1971 and if no major issu... by Lawrence McLin (05/21/2016) 6
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C3 1968 - 1982 General Discussion - General C3 Discussion, In the Manual, Basic Tech
T-topsI have a 1980 C3. The t-tops are in really bad shape and was wondering if they c... by Scott Deese (02/08/2024) 0
Charcoal vapor canister need!!!Looking for a 1978 charcoal canister in good to better than good shape... by Michael Kane (11/01/2019) 1
Vented gas cap 78!!I have a chrome plated locking gas cap on my 78 and would like to know if it ven... by Michael Kane (10/20/2019) 1
suppressorI have a 1975 vette I just received a rebuilt steering column and it has a what ... by Steve Lowther (10/19/2019) 0
Badly Needed Qjet Parts!!!!I'd like to inquire if anyone has the carbon steel air lines that complete t... by Michael Kane (07/04/2019) 2
aging plastic bottleI wish to make my new windshield washer bottle appear as the filler neck and coo... by crznvette (04/13/2019) 2
Matching numbers question?I'm looking at a 1970 convertible that is supposed to be a matching numbers ... by MACM (09/01/2017) 2
VIN/options history reports?There use to be a company or two that you could pay to research your VIN and tel... by MACM (08/06/2017) 0
Hood lift helpI am 74 years old, and I have owned 8 corvettes. After my recent back surgery I... by sgt.silver (05/12/2016) 4
Hood InsulationI was wondering if anyone has used the new "replacement" hood insulato... by D (04/03/2016) 0
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C4 1984 - 1996 Tech/Performance - Internal Engine, External Engine, Tech Topics, Performance Results
C4 Injector ChangeoutI have a '87 C4 Coupe that I have owned for some 27+ years. Over the years I... by LD (06/02/2018) 0
1978 Corvette Pace CarHope someone can help me find 1978 Pace Car CB Radio Antenna. Have looked every... by Wally Arnold (11/05/2014) 1
'95 ECM problemsMy '95 Corvette simply stopped working when using the key to start the engine. ... by Mike Steele (06/30/2014) 10
fuel injectors for 1985I have a 85 Corvette (I'm the third owner) and I think I need to change the fuel... by Ron (04/09/2014) 1
1987 coupe Injector connector replacementI have some nicked and broken connector leads to my injectors. I am searching fo... by David Coulson (07/29/2013) 0
1985 4 + 3 transmissionMy transmission will not stay in overdrive. It has gotten more sensitive over ti... by Steve Meillier (04/15/2013) 4
bODY CONTROL MODULEI need a body control module for my 1995 corvette. The high beam indicator light... by Harry Geety (11/07/2012) 0
Need '94 PCMDoes anyone have a source for a '94-95 Power Control Module (PCM), GM part no. 8... by Anonymous (01/07/2012) 6
C4 1991 Convertible Luggage Rack Needed Desperately!Help!!! We were recently the victims of a hit & run and we are having an ex... by Peter Victoria (09/21/2011) 0
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C4 1984 - 1996 General Discussion - General C4 Discussion, In the Manual, Basic Tech
Primary Fan and engine coolingI have a 1990 Corvette 5.7 L-98 with auto. It has 25,000 miles. It has a new wa... by Philip Kiraly (04/19/2021) 1
1988 Hood release handle replacement 4 12 2017I am trying to replace the hood latch release handle, old one came off good, but... by Ralph Geigner (04/12/2017) 0
F45 SuspensionI just purchased my first Corvette and will pick up a 1996 coupe next month. Se... by Ed Hill (03/09/2017) 3
1988 Corvette Suggested tries pressures ? I have 2 1988's and both if going by the " Book " etc. shows the tire ... by Ralph Geigner (06/05/2016) 0
Replace steering wheelMy 89 Corvette's steering wheel is worn and the horn does not work. First, ho... by Repented Hipster (02/03/2014) 1
89 center console lid latch catchI have an 89 with a center console that will not stay closed. I have a workable ... by Repented Hipster (12/16/2013) 2
96 C4 TPMSBought My 96 C4 Coupe new, Christmas of 95. Only has 26K miles on it. Last year ... by Roy Elliott (11/04/2013) 5
Looking for a Wind Screen for C5I have tried the screen that Mid America, etc has in their catalog but found the... by Richard Koentopp (08/05/2013) 0
Rear window shade for C 4 CoupNeed a Rear window shade for C 4 Coup, sometimes travel with our dog but she roa... by Mike Daly (07/29/2013) 1
Bra for front of C4I had a LeBra on the front of my C4 Corvette here in Ohio. Our disadvantage was... by Patty Dannhausen (02/11/2013) 4
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C4 1991 - 1995 ZR-1 - General Discussion, Internal Engine, External Engine, Tech Topics, Performance Results
1992 wiper/turn signal switch availabilityI have a 1992 LT1 auto coupe, and the combined wiper/ turn signal switch is brok... by Berry Drijsen (03/29/2020) 5
92 DiecastI have looked everywhere for a 1992 Red Corvette Coupe diecast. Can anyone offer... by 92 Vette (03/05/2009) 0
1989 coorvettei have89 vette when it gets warm up it starts cutting out if you turn off the en... by Michael Cabral (09/01/2007) 3
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C5 1997 - 2004 Tech/Performance - Internal Engine, External Engine, Tech Topics, Performance Results
Updated headlight harness My headlights fail to open when the engine is running, only when it's not runn... by Keith Schut (04/27/2017) 2
Two issues - differential and radioFirst - my 2002 std. automatic has a Differential whine. It is the ring gear b... by Tom Wright (02/29/2016) 0
C5 TiresI recently replaced the tires on my C4 and went to Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Spo... by Karl Dryfhout (06/18/2014) 2
2001 C5 tiresAfter 23,000 miles it is time to replace my tires. What tires are recommended th... by Steve Flock (06/14/2014) 13
You should be using Top-tier gas onlytoptiergas.com is a list of retailers that meet GM's detergency specs for gasoli... by Thomas Morgan (10/31/2012) 1
Remote Door Lock Doesn't Hold Programming-2000 C5 ConvertibleThe remote key entry (RKE) became erratic and finally failed to unlock the doors... by Larry Peregrine (10/29/2012) 1
C5-1998 Convertible-Tailights/Dashlights requires 4-5 times to get on?? My 1998 Convertible Tailights and Dash lights won't go on right away. They decid... by Capt. Harry Van Wormer (11/03/2010) 2
2004 Vette Emissions ProblemMy Vette has 18,600 miles and the engine check light keeps appearing with a (P04... by Frank Johnston (05/28/2010) 8
Need possible transmission workI have a 2001 C5. Took car in to dealer for service because of noise that sound... by Eddie Daniels (05/17/2010) 2
C5 Wipers stay on after handwashing???? My 1998 Convert. After hand washing the windsheild wipers go on low speed I j... by Capt. Harry Van Wormer (04/26/2010) 0
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C5 1997 - 2004 General Discussion - General C5 Discussion, In the Manual, Basic Tech
ABS Traction lightsI have a 1999. both lights came on and won't clear. Dealer diagnosed and the EBC... by Randall Schmoyer (05/15/2017) 5
Traction control ABS lights onI have a 2003 with less than 17000 mile on it. Recently when I started the car t... by Tom Ferguson (10/13/2014) 11
c5 upgrade (wheels)I want to install bigger tires on my 2001 vette, I want to put 18's on the front... by Big Daddy (04/05/2014) 0
Lifting a C5Hi All -- I have a 2002 C5 convertible. I also have a professional lift in my C... by Phil deVries (03/22/2014) 1
Observation to Share -- 2002 Convertible HEADLIGHTSHere's an FYI -- Last season, my right headlight began acting rather lazy when p... by Phil deVries (03/22/2014) 0
Corvette Construction StandardsAs a die-hard Corvette enthusiast having owned over a dozen, my first at age 18 ... by Lynnie Hinely (07/10/2012) 0
C5 steering wheel lock upI had that on my 99' where the sterring wheel locked up and was recalled. GM fix... by Kevin Wolverton (05/23/2012) 0
Service Active Handling SystemI have a 2004 Convertible made date 4/6/2004 with Service Active Handling System... by Lynnie Hinely (05/21/2012) 2
cruize controlI have a 1999 coupe. the cruize control will not engage. Not sure where to st... by BP (08/18/2011) 6
AccessoriesWhere can one get replacement items for mirrored CORVETTE letters for the back b... by Thomas Mangapora (05/09/2011) 7
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C5 2001 - 2004 Z06 - General Discussion, Internal Engine, External Engine, Tech Topics, Performance Results
Intrior dash lightsI have a simple question. Are the instrument panel lights illuminated when runn... by Jim Kobe (05/16/2023) 4
Oil leakage on differentialI found out why, now how do you fix the problem. When it leaks it stinks. by Elick Hawk (03/07/2018) 0
Security system alarm helpI continue to have a muted alarm after the system times out and arms (courtesy l... by Michael Tucker (01/13/2018) 4
Oil leakage on differentialI have a 2003 Z06 with about 16,000 miles on it. When I drive it about 100 mile... by Elick Hawk (01/03/2018) 2
2001 passenger side door lockPassenger side door lock will not open or lock with either the key fob or the dr... by Don Karanik (05/01/2011) 1
Column Lock BypassI have a 02 Z06 with a column lock problem. After some research, I am going to i... by Ed Forman (08/22/2010) 3
Service lights for ABS,Traction Control, Active Handling, ALL at the same time!2003 Anniversary Edition (yes, the REAL model), 21000 miles! Got the SERVICE AB... by Thomas Hasslinger (06/16/2010) 2
Emissions Engine Check LightI own a 2004 C5 Vette with 18,000 miles and my engine check light came on. When ... by Frank Johnston (05/12/2010) 1
check traction control lightI have a 2002 Z06 had to do a rolling jump start. Right after got waring lights... by Arthur Brenneke (02/12/2010) 1
C5 -2004 VetteI have driven my 2004 since new with 17,000 miles . My headsup display lights up... by Frank Johnston (09/23/2009) 5
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C6 2005 - 2013 Tech/Performance - Internal Engine, External Engine, Tech Topics, Performance Results
Help- I'm locked out.......Recently purchased an 08 Pace Car Convertible and the key fob stopped working, h... by Steven Steele (07/24/2016) 3
1978 Corvette Pace CarLooking for Power CB Radio Antenna seems they stopped production and please any... by Wally Arnold (01/12/2015) 0
C6 Remote StartLooking for a remote start solution for a 2006. by Donald Labriola (01/08/2015) 0
Service CentersI have a 2007 coupe. I have not had any problems so far but I don't want to wai... by Richard Giro (06/13/2014) 1
Exhaust SoundCorvette newbie with a 2012 base corvette. First upgrade I want to make is to t... by Dennis Visich (04/26/2013) 1
Exhaust RecommendationsI recently purchased a 2012 Grand Sport and wanted to get a different set of pip... by Chris Mason (05/07/2012) 0
Front End NoiseMy 2006 (standard model) convertible makes a loud grinding front end noise (only... by Gary C. (02/18/2009) 1
2008 Heater ControlsNow that the weather is cooler (sometimes cold), I need to crank the temperature... by KingEv (11/06/2008) 0
C6 Brakes Have a 2008 with the Z51 package with only 3000 miles Problem is if I apply t... by Alan Engnes (10/21/2008) 0
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C6 2005 - 2013 General Discussion - General C6 Discussion, In the Manual, Basic Tech
Real Gas NO EthieI have a 2013 Grand Sport no modifications and was wondering if any one out ther... by Brian Roy (02/22/2024) 0
2006 corvette convertiblejust got notification that onstar won't be working as of december 2022 becau... by Douglas Tino (09/20/2022) 0
Navigation System C6 GSI purchased a 2010 GS 2 years ago, with a navigation system. The system requires... by Stewart Rappaport (12/02/2020) 2
LS3 Tapping NoiseI'm experiencing an intermittent tapping noise coming from under the intake ... by C36Maverick (12/05/2018) 0
Radio upgrade optionsJust bought a used 06 base convertible with base single disc radio. Volume knob... by Steve Davis (10/12/2017) 0
Side MirrorsWhen I drive my 2005 C6 and put it in reverse, the side mirrors go down for back... by Jack Fields (11/04/2014) 1
C6 mufflersAny one had any experience with the mufflers from Mid-America; MAM Quad Cruiser ... by Mike Scribner (06/20/2014) 0
Clutch Fluid Low Causing Yellow Engine Warning Light to Come On.My 2007 Vette has been sitting in my garage for a week since the yellow engine w... by Dan McCrea (06/11/2014) 6
2007 Z06 digital display for air/heat controlI have a 2007 Ron Fellows Z06 with 12,000 miles. Yesterday while driving the car... by Robert Snyder (05/30/2014) 2
Condensation inside headlamp modularAfter a heavy rain I noticed a lot of vapor condensation inside the right headl... by Charlie Mauch (12/11/2012) 5
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C6 2006 - 2013 Z06 - General Discussion, Internal Engine, External Engine, Tech Topics, Performance Results
2008 ZO6 Handling QuestionThis my first experience with a wide tire powerful Vette other than my 94 ZR1. ... by Gary Moscowitz (10/07/2010) 4
Oil in Air IntakeI have a 2007 ZO6 with about 7500 miles on it. On a recent trip, after accelerat... by William Driscoll (08/09/2007) 2
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Autocrossing & Roadracing - Autocrossing, Road Racing
My First AutocrossAfter buying my first 2007 Corvette Coupe, I was invited to a TSSCC event at the... by Douglas Story (09/05/2007) 0
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Engine Mods - Engine Modifications, Discussion
Air conditioningOn my 09 ZR1 when I turn on the Air conditioning hot air comes out on the drive... by Glenn Madrigrano (10/09/2010) 2
1969 Low Profile Intake ManifoldI bought a 69 big block vette with an L88 hood and would like to convert it back... by noah (09/30/2010) 2
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Paint/Body - Materials, Techniques, How to, Discussion
Body mounts Hi i have a shop in scraborough in ontairo we are working on a 1968 coupe d... by Frank Blandizzi (02/08/2012) 1
Paint Shop RecommendationDoes anyone know of an excellent paint shop in the Salt Lake City area? Attenti... by Anonymous (04/03/2011) 0
Need a hood for 68 - 72 big blockI have a friend who is restoring a 70 Big Block. He needs a hood. Anybody have ... by Chuck Jilbert (11/18/2010) 0
Color of shocks - 64I have heard that the shocks should all be painted gray. I have also heard that... by Geoff Batchelder (12/14/2007) 0
paint and finish restorationI was on Tail of the Dragon in TN last week and somebody bumped/scratched the le... by Brian Weyeneth (07/25/2007) 1
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Wheels & Tires - Wheels, Tires, Discussion
Kelsey-Hayes 1965 Original wheelsCan anyone recommend a company that can restore my wheels? Thanks by John Forster (12/25/2014) 1
13" C4 Brake RotorsOdd question, but my 96 has the same HD brake option (j55 I believe) and nothing... by Kenneth Watters (02/03/2010) 1
c-4i have a 1995 roadster auto. with 13" rotors. no where on the window sticke... by Dennis Corona (01/17/2010) 4
1954 corvette Windshield is it OEM or replacment???I have a 1954 corvette that I am replacing the winshield because it states it is... by Mark Wiley (10/16/2009) 1
Run Flat Tire replacementI have a 2007 C6 Coupe and am looking at upgrading rims & tires. I have rea... by Mike Eldred (07/19/2009) 1
Just an introductionTouching base with members. Glad to join the group. I am a tire engineer with t... by wolfdogs (02/20/2009) 1
CRAY WHEELSAnyone have Cray wheels? Comments or ratings? Are they lighter than stock C5 whe... by Vic Ensalata (11/23/2008) 0
Wheel tire pressure sensor The local dealership damaged my right front tire pressure sensor and are unable ... by Thomas Conor (11/08/2008) 1
Replacement tire experience with your C6Does anyone care to comment on their satisfaction with non-Goodyear replacement ... by Bob (06/02/2008) 3
Correct Tire Manufacturer for 1974 Corvette As I remember my 1974 Corvette Sting Ray came with GR 70x15 Raised White Letter ... by Larry B. Gross (04/01/2008) 1
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Audio/Electronics - Audio, Radar Detectors, Electronics, Discussion
nav for 2001 vettcan anyone tell me what year nav will fit my 2001 vett coupe. if none can anybod... by John Farmer (09/18/2012) 0
OEM nav radio2 Questions. Is anyone aware if all the Nav radios have XM ability built in, an... by Lloyd Wentz (11/12/2007) 0
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Car Care Discussion - Wax, Polish, Detailing
2007 coupe I live in the York, Pa. area. My 2007 coupe has not had any problems so far but... by Richard Giro (06/13/2014) 2
Corvette storageIf a Vette (C2, C3) is prepared properly for cold storage, what possible detrime... by William Booth (07/23/2010) 11
Windshield CleanersDoes anyone have a good windshield cleaning product they would like to share? I... by Mike Eldred (11/13/2007) 5
Dryer sheetsAre those bugs splattered all over your car after a nice ride driving you crazy?... by George Haray (07/20/2007) 0
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Off Topic - Off Topic, Non Corvette
Shipping a 68 Corvette - west coast transport neededI need to have a car transported from Bay Area California to San Diego Port. Da... by jrandka (06/01/2021) 0
CORVETTE SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALSAnyone following the current Chevy Super Bowl commercial contest? In early No... by Michael Brown (01/11/2012) 0
original options / post new replayI drive a 2001 withabout 80,000 mi, (driven daily) about two years ago I ran int... by Richard Burnett (05/28/2010) 0
Off TopicI own a 2004 C5 convertible and engine check light just come on. Checked the gas... by Frank Johnston (05/01/2010) 0
CORVETTE'S 7TH GENERATIONWhat does everyone think about the chances that the Concept Corvette in the late... by Michael Brown (01/04/2010) 0
noise in rearendhave noise in rear end sounds like a flat tire. have the universail joint out ... by Wanda Dills (07/13/2009) 0
2001 headlight motor noisewhat is the repair for the noisey motor when turned off ? by John Russell (09/27/2007) 1
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Other Cars - Non Corvettes, Winter Cars, Daily Drivers
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Upcoming Events Discussion -
ModelsIs there a difference between a427 and a ZR1?or are they different names for sam... by Batpig (11/11/2012) 0
Club Parking Area @ Corvettes @ CarlisleDoes NCOA have an alloted parking area @ Corvettes @ Carlisle? If so, who do we... by Bill Flammer (03/07/2008) 1
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C7 2014 - 2019 Tech/Performance - Internal Engine, External Engine, Tech Topics, Performance Results
Active Fuel Management I’ve read some things regarding the AFM (V8/V4) on the GM engines and that it’s ... by James Edwards (01/23/2024) 3
2014 C7 Stringray Coupe Third Brake Light AccessI have installed red LEDS inside the red reflectors on my rear diffuser. I wan... by Wayne Achtzehn (04/09/2017) 1
low c7 idle speedI have two questions: 1. Why is the manual transmission idle speed on my 2015 c... by Michael McNutt (02/17/2017) 1
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C7 2014 - 2019 General Discussion - General C7 Discussion, In the Manual, Basic Tech
C7 Traction Control I’ve just acquired a 2019 Stingray. Only has 3000 miles. The more I drive it, it... by James Edwards (01/15/2024) 0
speaker2008, when i open the driver side door with the care off I hear load noise comin... by Carl Flores (06/04/2021) 0
Flex fuel sensorDoes anyone know of a manufacturer that has a flex fuel sensor for the 2019 Corv... by Mitch (01/27/2021) 2
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C8 2020 - ? - Tech/Performance - Internal Engine, External Engine, Tech Topics, Performance Results
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2020 - ? - General Discussion - General C8 Discussion, In the Manual, Basic Tech
2023 z06Hi all- I am new to the Association. I have a 2023 z06. When I start up the car ... by Jay Snider (02/01/2024) 2
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