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Need '94 PCM

Does anyone have a source for a '94-95 Power Control Module (PCM), GM part no. 88961148? Or a recommended remanufacturer to whom I could send mine? My '94 LT-1 auto laid up since July with faulty PCM, prepaid backorder thru GM for months, but remains out of stock with excuse of no cores to reman. Have spent months trying all sources from online to stores to other dealers, all same situation: out of stock. I did source one from Standard Ignition thru but after $180 shop bill it was proved to be defective (Netpartz did do an excellent job of finding it, and also of return and refund).

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From original poster: I finally resolved by sending thru GM for reman, which is only thing GM will do now--no more ordering part available. Many thanks to all who suggested sources; I checked them all and unfortunately no PCMs available anywhere, even used, unless you wanted to take a chance on a C3 reprogrammed unit or a high mileage unit from parted out cars. Car runs great now so back on the road! Anonymous on 4/21/2012 1:56:57 PM
Hi! I'm Mike Cordoves, call Doug Swoboda at Corvette America and see if he can help or refer you to someone. His tel no. is 1-800-458-3475 ext 214. If he cannot help call Alan or Connie at the Natl. Corvette Museum, tel. no.1-800-538-3883. Also ask the museum for Gordon Killebrew's phone number. He's a C-4 expert. He will charge for the consultation though, but I think it will be worthwhile. Wish you luck. Posted by Administrator on 2/10/2012 10:20:37 AM
Cardone has reman computer modules available at Autozone, Advance and O?Reilly auto parts stores for the 94. All stores show an available unit that can be special ordered. We also have a know good used unit available in stock. I do have a couple of concerns though 1994-1996 PCM failure is not commonly found, it certainly can happen but rarely does. I also find it strange that the replacement unit had a problem. Two failed units in a row is really a rare occurrence. I would be checking for shorted solenoids before replacing another PCM. Solenoids are used for EGR valve control, transmission torque converter clutch operation etc. Solenoids must have a minimum 20 ohms of resistance or they can damage the PCMs quad drivers controlling the solenoids. This could be just an anomaly with another PCM issue but be wary. I would also like to know why the PCM is being replaced IE: what were the symptoms. If we can help contact us at 1-256-259-2400 Petris Enterprises Inc. as stated we have a known good original GM PCM in stock. Posted by Administrator on 2/10/2012 10:18:24 AM
Try J&D Corvette in Bellflower, CA. They have a huge stock of parts including new, rebuilt, and used. (866) 925-4112. Good luck. Jeff Menkes on 2/9/2012 1:48:28 PM
try zip corvette online, i think they have what you need. Mark Herman on 2/9/2012 1:00:18 PM
Rock Auto Parts has one in stock $122.79 plus core charge. I have been getting my corvette parts from them for two years with great success and delivery in a timely fashion. James JLTOY on 1/10/2012 11:06:09 AM

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