About NCOA

NCOA was founded in 1975 to enhance the enjoyment and driving experience of America's favorite sports car. We have grown to be the largest Corvette club in the Nation with approximately 18,000 members.

Here's what some of our members say about NCOA:

  • "Your organization is loyal to Corvettes, giving helpful hints, guidance, discounts, genuine knowledge and a "family feeling" with other Vette fanciers and owners." Fay A. Johnson, Urbana, Ohio
  • "NCOA serves as a great networking opportunity for Vette owners. I read the "For Vettes Only" newsletter as soon as it arrives." Dean Oschmann, Oregon, WI
  • "Being a NCOA member makes owning a Corvette a more joyful experience." Tim Boosey, Brighton, MI
  • "We saved $200 by using the discount directory when we bought new carpet for our Vette." Kimber Lee Connelly, Camino, CA
  • "You learn about your car's operation and how to fix problems. You know about the trouble before taking your Vette in for repairs. And you save money." - Ben Bolden, Albuquerque, NM
  • "Discounts on products more than pay for membership." - David Wentz, Oakland, CA

Just owning and driving a Corvette gives you as an owner a great amount of pleasure. Even so, you can increase that pleasure many times over by joining us.

Moreover, NCOA membership carries benefits that save you money! Discounts on services, parts and enhancements from Chevrolet and Corvette dealers, service garages and parts supply stores around the nation, including Corvette America, Ecklers, Master Brakes, DEI and  American Custom Industries. You also get 20% discount on CarFax vehicle history reports, 10% off Products and Services at Tire Kingdom, Merchants Tire, NTB or Big O Tires and $16 off a yearly subscription to AllData DIY that provides you with your vehicle's repair information such as Factory Technical Service Bulletins, diagnostic and repair procedures. Plus you will save on car rentals, hotels and other items as announced.

But money isn't everything..Corvettes are for fun.. What are other Corvette owners doing? Where do they meet? Do they have Vette parts and add-ons for sale? What do they have to trade? Where do they get expert advice on Vette care and maintenance? Do they share car-care tips? Where do you get Corvette books, models, games, cards and souvenirs?

When you join NCOA you get the answers to these and many more questions in our newsletter For Vettes Only. NCOA's newsletter, brings you lots of information you can use to make your Corvette even more of a pleasure.

For example, in every issue of For Vettes Only our resident automotive experts reply specifically to members about Corvette problems and improvements. Our newsletter is also a forum for owners to relate their experiences and pass on tips on making performance and comfort enhancements. Of course there's a classified section in every issue that's free to all members. In addition, you'll frequently find owners' surveys, articles on legislation affecting you and other special features that can only be found in For Vettes Only.