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Vapor lock on a 1960

I have a 1960 with dual carbs. After driving around I cluch in to shift gears on a turn or at a red light and during the " coast time of a few seconds" it stalls out . To restart I need to run the starter longer and give it more gas pedal action then usual to get it going again. The car runs at about 170 degrees so I didnt think it should happen but it does. Any ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted by: Randy Kertesz


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You should check the accelerator pump in the rear carb, could be failing when the veh warms up. Simply remove the air cleaner & move the throttle linkage & look to see if you see any gas shooting in. Good luck, Mike Mike Scribner on 6/20/2014 8:51:04 AM
Randy, Do your fuel lines run anywhere near the exhaust manifolds? If so, insulate them of move them. You can put 'heat sink' aluminum plates under each carb. to help with engine heat getting to the fuel lines between the fuel pump and the carbs. Mick QZRBLU on 6/20/2014 8:14:08 AM

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