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Vapor lock on a 1960

I have a 1960 with dual carbs. After driving around I cluch in to shift gears on a turn or at a red light and during the " coast time of a few seconds" it stalls out . To restart I need to run the starter longer and give it more gas pedal action then usual to get it going again. The car runs at about 170 degrees so I didnt think it should happen but it does. Any ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted by: Randy Kertesz


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You should check the accelerator pump in the rear carb, could be failing when the veh warms up. Simply remove the air cleaner & move the throttle linkage & look to see if you see any gas shooting in. Good luck, Mike Mike Scribner on 6/20/2014 8:51:04 AM

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