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2007 Z06 digital display for air/heat control

I have a 2007 Ron Fellows Z06 with 12,000 miles. Yesterday while driving the car the digital display for the air and heat control panel went blank. Fortunately the air conditioning is still working. Any ideas about what is broken....cost to repair?

Submitted by: Robert Snyder


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My 2009 Z06 AC digital began ?blinking? about a year ago. When I spoke to dealer about repairs, they say they can do it, but it involves removing the dash, all the equipment behind those controls, to replace a module. The digital always has the correct temps displaying, but they blink. When it is off, it is blank (normal) and only shows the outside temps as it should. I personally refuse to have my dash pulled out for this little problem, since the AC works, the heat works, and it seems the problem is more prevalent when the temperatures outside begin rising. It seldom blinks in the winter, but I do not drive it often unless nice outside. Good luck to your question guy. YGR Member 7243 Posted by Administrator on 6/17/2014 8:13:42 AM
Had the same thing happen to my '03. Cold soldered joints on the circuit board causes the problem. Here is a fix: Thomas Morgan on 6/10/2014 7:54:31 AM

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