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Just an introduction

Touching base with members. Glad to join the group. I am a tire engineer with the Federal Government. I managed the Federal Tire Qualification testing program for 13 years. I am a tire engineer by trade, and certified tire testing engineer as well as serving as the U.S. Government expert witness in litigation matters pertaining to tire failure fatalities. I work with NHTSA on potential recall matters, especially tire related. So, if you want to talk about those fat black rubber inflatable finicky pain in the necks.... give me a shout! LOL wolfdogs new member 2008 coupe

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Wolfdog, I have a 2007 C6 Coupe and am looking at upgrading rims & tires. I have read several articles on replacing the run flat tires with non run flat tires, and it appears there are advantages/disadvantages to both. In addition to the price variance (less expensive) and reduced weight of the non run flat tires, there are numerous opinions stating they wear better and provide a much smoother ride. I would like to know if you have opinions on this topic or any experience with the use of the non run flat tire. I posted this question for the members but have not received any replies and thought with your background/experience, you may be able to provide some guidance/suggestions. Thank you, Mike Eldred Mike Eldred on 7/25/2009 2:07:55 PM

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