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1962 MSD fuel injection system

I am considering installing an electronic fuel injection system on my 1962. It has the original 250 horsepower engine with a 4 barrel carburetor and I have had trouble this hot summer with it vapor locking. Anybody out there have experience with electronic fuel injection systems on this car? I know Holly, Edelbrook and MSD make these systems.

Submitted by: Dick Boyer


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If your car is indeed having issues with vapor lock you will have to solve the vapor lock problem before installing fuel injection. Vapor lock occurs when the fuel inside the fuel line gets so hot it turns into a vapor. Because components in the fuel system can not get vapor into the engine to burn the engine runs poorly or not at all. This isn’t the same thing as percolation which happens after the engine is shut off and the carburetor fuel bowl gets so hot it boils the fuel causing it to evaporate. Percolation leaves no fuel in the carburetor to restart an engine. In this case very long crank times may result. If it is vapor lock you will have to insulate and or isolate the fuel lines from nearby heat sources. Because of higher pressures used in fuel injection system they are less prone to experiencing vapor lock but by no means immune to it. Percolation would not be a problem in fuel injection because it doesn’t rely on a reserve container of gas (carburetor fuel bowl) under the hood to use to restart the car. Changing to fuel injection will improve throttle response, idle quality, fuel economy, start-ability and give a slight improvement in fuel economy. It will not by itself give you huge horsepower gains. Posted by Administrator on 5/13/2014 1:27:24 PM

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