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Drives awful!

I have a 71 coupe that has gone through a frame on restoration, all of the rubbers in the front and rear suspensions and steering were replace. took it to a Chevy factory dealer for front an rear end alignment. The car drove poorly in steering feedback and with a bit of over steering. It has now gone to three different shops and the car just drives like the it wants to over steer, way to senitive and you have to re-correct, just no stability unless its driving straight down the road and your not turning the steering wheel. I also have an older Hunter Alignment system that I bought to use just for the vette's and when checking the alignment they are pretty much spot on to the specs. I have two other vintage coupes a 69 and a 70 both drive like a vette should! The car has power steering and when it was rebuilt the power steering cylinder was exchanged due to leakage from a local parts store. Could the cylinder be incorrect, could I have to much power steering pressure or could the steering box be causing something like this. Any help would be appreciated. Its beautiful car but doesn't drive beautifully!

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What are they setting for caster? These cars like a lot of caster. Do a little research on line, I don't believe the recommended 2.5 degrees is enough. More like 4.5 degrees. It'll track much better. Frank Sandini on 4/27/2018 7:32:50 AM

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