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You should be using Top-tier gas only is a list of retailers that meet GM's detergency specs for gasoline. I've used nothing but Shell V-Power in my 2003 Convertible with 145,000 miles on it and have never had a fuel-related problem. According to a Wall-Street Journal article a couple of years ago, Shell's additives are far superior to other gasoline retailers.

Submitted by: Thomas Morgan


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Shell 93-octane V-Power IS the best gas for any daily driver, but if your a collector and put very few miles on your car ( less than 2000 miles per year), go to the website " where they sell Sunoco 260 GTX in 5-gallon drums. This has all the same detergents as Shell V-Power, but its unleaded WITH NO ETHANOL AND 98-OCTANE!! If you put a couple ounces of Marine STA-BIL in with this and fill the tank, this fuel will be good for 4-5 YEARS in case you store you Vette frequently or in the Winter. And believe me, your knock sensors will detect this 98-octane and probably boost your horsepower by 10-15 hp. Its a little expensive, but if your car is NOT designed to run on E85 ethanol, over the years the ethanol WILL dessicate and destroy all the rubber parts in your fuel system and motor. This advice is based on 30 years of collecting and storing the same cars---my 1972 Chevelle LOVES this Sunoco GTX!! It starts MUCH better and runs MUCH better. kneal on 1/24/2015 12:10:02 PM

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