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Security system alarm help

I continue to have a muted alarm after the system times out and arms (courtesy lights are out). The muted alarm is on regardless of lock or unlocked car. The muffled alarm/buzzer can be heard while driving but no security lights or other warnings are present. The muted/muffled alarm sound is in the driver dash area. The alarm will deplete the battery over 3-4 days. Dealership maintenance could not resolve issue with some relays replaced. I need ideas to pass to dealer maintenance to resolve issue.

Submitted by: Michael Tucker


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Thanks for replies to date. My Vette is a 2001 red convertible. No aftermarket system is installed as I am one owner. I will get schematic and research possible affected circuit boards. My best question at this point, are security circuits in computer for car or elsewhere under dash or in engine compartment? Maybe good "ole swap-tronics" like in Air Force fighters is my best course of action. Michael Tucker on 1/16/2018 1:00:52 AM
If this is an after market system I would highly recommend taking it to the installer and let him determine the problem. If it was installed by a previous owner, recommend removing it and put it a good system. Recommend and alarm system and also LOjack. Ron on 1/15/2018 12:44:35 PM
I'm a C3 owner but have worked on newer Corvettes. You might need a schematic for the alarm system. If relays have been replaced, I suspect you will be dealing with a defective component on a circuit board. It sounds like a transistor that is leaking and conducting. If you are good at working on circuit boards you might be able to locate the bad part and replace it. I'm concerned that the circuit that controls the alarm system is not serviceable. Most newer circuits are either a chip or completely potted in epoxy for weather proofing and are not repairable. On a lighter note, it might be a bare wire contacting part of the frame. It's going to take some trouble shooting. Good luck with it. Jerry Rebman on 1/15/2018 11:55:47 AM
What year and model? Some problems relate to a poor or bad ground in the affected system RickyZ on 1/15/2018 11:52:52 AM

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