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Clutch Fluid Low Causing Yellow Engine Warning Light to Come On.

My 2007 Vette has been sitting in my garage for a week since the yellow engine warning light came on - was towed to dealer today. On the day that I was closing the deal for this car 5/27/14 I took it to dealer to fix problem with cigarette lighter not working for Garmin nor Escort 9500IX...fuse replaced fixed that...but yellow engine light came on while at dealer for fuse problem and they just said clutch fluid level was low and was cause for the warning light. Now I'm no mechanic but know that this is just like brake fluid in that it is a closed system and if fluid is low you have a LEAK and need to check for that ... not simply add fluid and blow it off as "being fixed". MY QUESTION: Anyone else have this happen with their Vette - losing clutch fluid with 6 speed manual 6.2 L LS2?

Submitted by: Dan McCrea


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I have a 2005 C6 with 6 speed manual. Original owner and have had it now for 9 fun filled years. Occasionally I will have to top off clutch fluid and brake fluid. Some normal loss just due to driving it now for 66,000+ miles. My warning light has never come on but I suggest that dealer just topping off fluid to see if that is all that is needed is not a scam. Low fluid does not necessarily suggest a leak even in "closed" system. Some minimal loss is not unusual. Major sudden loss, however, is. Harvey Leviton on 6/23/2014 9:40:51 PM
Charles Putnik: Thank you for commenting and yes that is exactly the way the clutch was acting - spongy and sagging lower than the brake petal. I am surprised that adding fluid has been a fix for your clutch since with mine the yellow (engine) light came on again within about a week from their band-aid fix of adding fluid when it seems they knew it was due to master & slave cylinder (internal) leaking but disguised it in order to avoid losing sale before they had the final check for the big bucks. Dan McCrea on 6/23/2014 11:15:08 AM
I have a 2007 Z06. I'm not sure the 6 speed LS7 is identical but I had a similar clutch fluid problem. My symptom was that the clutch pedal went "soft and sloppy". It wouldn't fully return to non-depressed position. The dealer thought it was a case of sticky pedal linkage and spent some time trying to lubricate everything. That didn't work. I began checking things for myself and found a nearly empty clutch fluid reservoir. I filled it with clutch fluid, pumped the clutch pedal a number of times to restore pressure and feel and the problem was solved. I checked the system about two weeks later and it was down a very small amount of fluid. I topped it off and it has been fine since. This all occurred over a year ago. I never had an check engine light come on and never saw evidence of a leak. Charles Putnik on 6/23/2014 7:13:48 AM
LAST UPDATE...I THINK: I got a call from dealership this morning (exactly 24 hours after filing a complaint with GM/Chevrolet) saying that my Vette is fixed and ready for pick up. As the saying goes.. the squeaky wheel gets oiled (stay silent and be a sucker/victim of manipulating dealers. Only the clutch was saying that the other leak was not engine pan leaking but was from clutch slave cylinder...time will tell on that! Dan McCrea on 6/20/2014 11:23:22 AM
UPDATE: DEALERSHIP has been jerking me around on above work in that I had my '07 Vette towed there a week ago and went there today in person because I smelled a rat....they have not done one damn thing i.e. has been sitting in a back bay for a week! Their big lie excuse is "we are waiting on the part to come in." I know it is a lie because I called another dealership to check on availability of the part 12568371 (manual 6 speed master cylinder for clutch) is shown as 3 are in stock in Chicago and available in Cincinnati too! and they can get parts NEXT BUSINESS DAY at dealerships. So they are putting mine off while working on other work that is not under extended warranty reimbursement levels. Crooked as a dog's hind leg as the saying goes. Dan McCrea on 6/19/2014 5:29:21 PM
UPDATE: I got the bad news from dealer regarding clutch fluid leak....they said "slave cylinder/master cylinder" need to be replaced since the leak is INTERNAL and that the engine oil pan is leaking bill: $1,700. The "good news" is that I had read Consumer Reports predicted repair problems for 2007 Vette and got the extended warranty (48,000 mile/5 year one) for $2,909 (no interest) installments: 10% down with balance paid over next 12 months. I also have in writing (their mistake) that Vette is a "Certified Used Car" with 100% 3 month/3,000 miles warranty - they admitted that because car is over 5 yrs old it is not really eligible for "Certified" warranty so, if I had not taken extended warranty, I would still have them over the barrel with "mistake" warranty I have in writing. Serves them right for their disguising the existing problems i.e. clutch & pan (saying it just needed to have clutch fluid added to solve warning light problem) on day of sale BEFORE they got $30,492 balance w/ tax/title/license check! Dan McCrea on 6/16/2014 9:01:31 AM

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