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1969 Low Profile Intake Manifold

I bought a 69 big block vette with an L88 hood and would like to convert it back to the original 427 hood. The engine has an Edelbrock power package on it with a rather tall intake manifold and Holley style carb. Does anyone know which intake, carb, air cleaners will fit under the original hood and still mate to the Edelbrock heads?

Submitted by: noah


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Not sure what intake manifold you now have but, if car was used for track or street racing it probably has a Performer RPM intake manifold. If you don't plan on racing, you might consider going to a Performer Air-gap which may have a slightly lower silouette and provide better performance at lower RPMs. Match that with an Edelbrock Thunder AVS carb (650cfm) and an Edelbrock Classic air cleaner. Good luck. John Allerding on 10/8/2010 7:00:14 PM

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