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Header wrap

I have a 383 with ceramic coated headers. I have extra insulation under the carpet and the cabin temp is excessive. Do header wraps significantly help?

Submitted by: Arthur Knigge


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As anonymous stated yes it will help. I wrap the primaries only and stop where they all come together at the collector. If you wrap the complete header it may suffer in life span. Use a good wrap like the titanium from DEI and follow their overlap and securing information. Bob Harris on 1/26/2018 6:48:28 PM
Of course header wrapping is not to keep the car cool but rather to keep the heat in the exhaust. But when you consider what wrapping does it isn?t much of a leap to realize that it would automatically keep the car cooler due to less radiated heat. But because exhaust heat is only a portion of what makes some Corvette cabins similar to being in a microwave oven it may not be enough. I have had Vettes that were so bad I had to insulate the firewall as well. Anonymous on 3/19/2014 12:30:43 PM

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