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To all Vette enthusiasts, I am one of the Vette Owners who was left in the dark, when the widow of the owner of Corvette Restoration AZ declared Bankruptcy 10 days ago. I am in NO way trying to talk poorly of Kim Ian Madsen whom passed away a couple of months ago. Kim was a true professional and good man. You became friends with him when he was restoring your car. Fortunately, If it wasn't for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office to help me out by dispatching a patrol car to check out the business, I would not have known of the business closing down. I have made contact with the Attorney for Madsen LLC and have hired my own Attorney to go after the company so that I can find out where my Vette is. My 62 Vette was given to the company as an all original documented 62 Vette, for a full frame off restoration. Now I do not even know where the car is, what condition it is in and if all the original parts are accounted for. If you know of anyone else who has been poorly taken care of due to this Bankruptcy by this company, I will surely share the information I gather as the days unfold. Additionally, if anyone else has ever experienced such a travesty and has some guidance I would appreciate it. Also looking for idea where I can send the Vette to complete the restoration if I ever get it back.

Submitted by: Ihor Petrenko


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How did this work out? Get your 62 back? Hope so :o| Richard Rogers on 1/19/2019 6:33:33 PM

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