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Need possible transmission work

I have a 2001 C5. Took car in to dealer for service because of noise that sounded like something loose under the car and "something dragging" type sound coming from the rear of the car. They replaced the rear end. Got car back, it was making the same noise and a few days later started to pop out of reverse. Any recommendations for a knowledgable and reliable service center for possible transmission/linkage diagnosis and service in Gainesville, FL area. Travel takes me to Atlanta area frequently, so will consider the Atlanta area for repair also.

Submitted by: Eddie Daniels


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Daytona Beach John Hall Chevrolet 558 N. Nova Road 1-800-741-4444 Service Mgt. - Gary Yocum direct line - 386-947-0811 Corvette Service - Tom Tom knows his stuff, has alyaws been a straight shooter with me and gives honest advice. He's never ripped me and keeps my 2001 running like a "rocket ship" after 80,000 mi. Modifications have all been done by Ron Wood Corvette Interiors Plus Titusville Fl. 32780 321-269-3887 Ron is about a half mile from Ecklers and does a lot of their instalations. Anonymous on 6/11/2010 8:38:07 AM
The best here in Atlanta,would be MTI Corvettes in Marrietta,Ga. Henry Callahan on 5/28/2010 12:15:52 PM

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