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ABS Traction lights

I have a 1999. both lights came on and won't clear. Dealer diagnosed and the EBCM has failed. Also tells me it is no longer available and suggested I try a wrecking yard. Does anyone know a source for an ECBM new? I'd rather not gamble on a wrecking yard for an item like this.

Submitted by: Randall Schmoyer


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Check with corvette mods they have a rebuild service and many on ebay that do it too John Horn on 5/16/2017 1:21:05 PM
Try Midamerica Motorworks They repai modules. Approximately $300. John F. Mascaro on 5/16/2017 1:20:10 PM,1999,corvette,5.7l+v8,1353170,electrical,body+control+module+(bcm),2888 Pilotman Pilotman on 5/16/2017 1:10:31 PM,1999,corvette,5.7l+v8,1353170,electrical,engine+control+module+(ecm+computer),2896 Pilotman on 5/16/2017 1:07:50 PM

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