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2014 C7 Stringray Coupe Third Brake Light Access

I have installed red LEDS inside the red reflectors on my rear diffuser. I want to connect them to my brake lights or third brake light circuit so they will also light up when the brakes are applied. Do any of you C7 owners know how to access the tail/third brake light circuit. I believe there has to be a way to access the lights without completely dismantling the rear of the vehicle. There must be a way to change the blubs if necessary. Any assistance or thoughts on this issue will be greatly appreciated. Stumped in Florida.

Submitted by: Wayne Achtzehn


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In some cases you can remove the clips at the bottom of the rear bumper fascia and pull it out slightly to gain some working room. But the proper way just like it is on so many cars today is to remove the bumper cover. Then you have clear access to everything and not much chance of damaging a wire or connector or cracking the paint. Also keep in mind that although you?re using LEDs they may well trigger your lamp monitor indicating a lamp problem. Even though LED lamps draw a very small amount of current the lamp monitors of today are very precisely calibrated because the other LEDs draw a very small amount of current. So even though the new lamps are highly energy efficient they may well lead to lamp failure or other warning problems because they are not taken into account during the programming of the monitoring system. Hope that isn?t the case but it may well be. Also you seem to be daunted by removing the cover so it might make sense to take it to a good shop and have them remove it for you. In shops these day we become well practiced at removing bumper covers as half of the lights we replace and numerous other repairs require their removal. Anonymous on 7/1/2017 6:36:47 PM

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