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i have a 1995 roadster auto. with 13" rotors. no where on the window sticker does it mention anything about heavy duty anything, why would this car have 13" and not 12" which were stock? any info would be great. thanks hammer

Submitted by: Dennis Corona


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I have a 1996 Collectors Edition and it has 13 has inch front rotors. So your 13 inch rotors are probably just what came on it from the factory. John Aleman on 2/29/2016 7:00:49 PM
According to the Corvette Black Book, "The larger brake package included previously with Z07 and ZR1 performance options was included for 1995 with all models." James Hubbard on 2/2/2010 4:20:29 PM
The options can be found on the sticker found on the underside of the console lid. Ryan Rohn on 2/2/2010 3:52:41 PM
The RPO code for the 13" brakes is J55. The brakes could have been upgraded by a previous owner. Smokegray89 on 2/2/2010 3:37:07 PM

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