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Side Mirrors

When I drive my 2005 C6 and put it in reverse, the side mirrors go down for backing. When I put it back in gear to move forward, the mirrors do not return to the original position. Any ideas? Can I fix myself? Thanks Jack

Submitted by: Jack Fields


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I doubt that it will be a do-it-yourself job unless you have a sophisticated scan tool, schematic of the circuits and a skill-set way beyond what the average technician has. The system relies on various switches and sensors plus a control module to work the mirrors. One of the first things I would check would be the transmission range selector switch. These used to be simple park neutral switches but as cars and electronics have evolved they have become much more complicated. In this case the module needs to know when you shift the transmission into drive. It receives a signal from the selector switch and responds accordingly. One of the more common causes of a poor signal is corrosion on one of the wire connectors either at the switch or the module. I would begin by locating these connectors and cleaning them. Posted by Administrator on 3/27/2015 3:15:30 PM

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