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low c7 idle speed

I have two questions: 1. Why is the manual transmission idle speed on my 2015 c7 so low at 600 rpm? I am used to 800 rpm for manual transmissions on previous cars including two Corvettes. This can make the clutch release, especially at start in first gear, more difficult than necessary. The tech at my dealership said that the idle speed was normal, and then proceeded into several jerky clutch releases and actually stalled the engine once on the test drive. 2. How can I increase the idle speed to 800 rpm or at least something higher than it is now?

Submitted by: Michael McNutt


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Mostly idle speed cannot be adjusted up or down, that?s controlled by the car?s computer. Since when does anyone ever engage the clutch with the engine at idle on any car? There is never a situation where clutch engagement happens at idle. You always bring the engine RPM up to the point that allows smooth clutch engagement and simultaneously engage the clutch. Anonymous on 7/1/2017 6:46:44 PM

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