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Updated headlight harness

My headlights fail to open when the engine is running, only when it's not running. I need to find a new updated headlight harness. The part numbers that will work are 12163322 and 12163775. If anyone can help me find one would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Keith

Submitted by: Keith Schut


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CHECK 'TOMS VETTES', ON LONG ISLAND N.Y PH 631 242 4276, TELL HIM GMAN, WITH CAPT AMERICA 89 VETTE Anonymous on 5/10/2017 12:19:07 PM
Keith - you might try in St. Charles, Mo. I've been able to get a couple of items there for my C4 that aren't stocked at any of the aftermarket places. Karl Dryfhout on 5/1/2017 5:41:39 PM

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