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C5 Tires

I recently replaced the tires on my C4 and went to Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport High Performance tires. I'm very happy with the handling of them and they are much quieter than the previous tires that were on my car.

Submitted by: Karl Dryfhout


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I can't find ANY other tires for my C5 Z06 other than those Bridgestone RE760's, and they are not Z-rated nor equal to the performance of a Z06! These tires seem cut-rate for a Z06, for the only other option I could find ANYWHERE were Goodyear Supercar F1 tires made for Lamborghini's and Ferrari's, so they COST $1700 for a set!! Has anybody found a tire with more performance than these Bridgestones, but not these extremely ridiculously expensive supercar Goodyears, for a C5 Z06?! Why does nobody make the O.E.M. tire size for a C5 Z06?! --kneal kneal on 1/23/2015 10:10:20 AM
Get rid of your run flats. I have the best tires money can buy. I got rid of my run-flats at 10,000 miles and have'nt looked back. I drive my C5 daily about 7,000 miles a year for a total of about 86000 miles and have never gotten a flat. The change over to non run-flats was the best decision I have made on my C5. I do carry a air pump and even a tire plug kit for the unseen problems. I am prepaired but the feel, tire proformance and sound of the tires is night and day. Lets face it with cell phones and NCOA's discounts its a no brainer. My C5 handles like a dream. Good Luck Kevin Wolverton on 6/18/2014 10:45:35 AM

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