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1963 stick-shift replacement

I have a 63 Vette with a very loose shifter. It gets hung-up often and pops out of 2nd gear. So I need to replace it. I discovered the transmission in my 63 is a borg-warner and not a Muncie because on the transmission is T10-7D, 3813490. The 62's had the borg-warner transmissions I believe? So I believe my car was an early 63 so they used the left-over borg-warners in some of the early 63's??? So I want to buy a hurst shifter but which shifter should I buy? The one for the 62 borg-warner or the 63 for the muncie? Of course, the shifter must fit through the hole in the floor and work in the console? Does anyone have any ideas? Which shifter should I buy?

Submitted by: Alan Jones


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Why not avoid the question and just purchase a rebuild kit? They're fairly readily available and can be installed by most good mechanics if you don't want to tackle the job yourself. Posted by Administrator on 7/9/2020 3:12:21 PM
Did it occur to you that 2nd gear may be worn and/or other internal issues may be the problem. AS to the shifter, Hurst never made one specifically for a '63 Corvette with a T-10 but if you call Dave's 4 Speed in Milwaukee they can help. I have one in mine and it is a vast improvement! Posted by Administrator on 7/9/2020 3:11:24 PM
I had a Borg Warner T10 in my '63 Corvette. Back then I purchased a Hurst shifter for 1963 Corvette with T10 complete kit. The Hurst shifter for the Muncie is the same as the Hurst shifter for the T10. The only difference is the mounting bracket, and the shifter rods. Don't know if it is packaged as a complete kit now, but you need the '63 Hurst shifter, with T10 trans mount kit, and T10 shifter rods. Just a side note: my shifter had a curved shifter arm, I believe the new shifter arm is straight, and comes close to the radio when shifted. Hope this helps. Angelo (Skip) Guarino on 7/8/2020 9:51:00 AM

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