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Oil in Air Intake

I have a 2007 ZO6 with about 7500 miles on it. On a recent trip, after accelerating to about 6500rpm the engine lost power and ran erratically. The check engine light did not come on. An On Star diagnostic reported a problem in the air intake system. I got the car to a nearby friend's shop and we re moved the air intake snorkle and discovered a fair amount of engine oil that had gotton on the air filter as well as the mass airflow sensor. After removing, cleaning, and reassembling the intake system the car ran fine on the way back home. The car is at my dealers now and they can't figure out what caused the problem or how to prevent its occurring again. There's no evidence that the oil came from any external source. It had to come from somewhere inside the intake system. Has anyone experienced this problem or have suggestions as to cause, fixes, etc.? Any help would be appreciated. The Bugster i

Submitted by: William Driscoll


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. Begin by testing the entire crankcase ventilation system. Issues like this suggest that the crankcase breather system is being overwhelmed by crankcase blow-by. Crankcase breather systems used to be called PCV systems but the name has changed and the parts are a bit different but it still serves the same purpose. A second possibility is that you have stuck oil control rings that can?t control oil in the cylinders under heavy acceleration. The normal fix for that is a BG Performance Oil Change. That?s stupid name for what is essentially a highly specialized engine flush. We have corrected some of the Cadillacs and Hondas that consume a quart of oil every 75 miles, foul spark plugs and soak the air filter with oil using this process. But whatever you do don?t buy a can of goop and throw it in the engine and hope for miracles. The BG process uses specialized equipment to remove all the residual chemicals and then prime the engine prior to restarting. Posted by Administrator on 3/1/2016 8:58:25 AM
I am no mechanic so take this for what it is worth. Besides owning a Corvette, I also own a Cadillac CTS-V. When I bought it they talked me into installing an oil can catcher along with a few other modifications that I did. This oil can catcher is supposed to prevent oil from being sucked back through the intake system. A gentlemen by the name of Clay from Classic Cadillac on Roswell Rd. in the Atlanta, GA area is the one that recommended its installation. I can tell you that when I empty it annually, there is approximately 6 to 8 ounces of oil in it. Paul Fortney on 10/9/2007 5:35:27 AM

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