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1954 corvette Windshield is it OEM or replacment???

I have a 1954 corvette that I am replacing the winshield because it states it is a safety-Float and not a safety plate according to NCRS manual. Also the date of the window is ASI-JI and this does not correspond to any dating for windows in the maual or any other books that I can Find???? I was told this window was purchased from Canada in 1978 and it was a last known replacement or OEM windshield for the car but do not know if this it true.

Submitted by: Mark Wiley


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hi mark: i don't know much about 54's but there is a junk yard that is really right on for parts. Contemporary corvette, they are on the web. they are located in Bristol, pa. near phila. hope this helps you. den Dennis Corona on 11/2/2009 1:05:10 PM

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