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I have a 2007 coupe. I have not had any problems so far but I don't want to wait until I do. I live in the York, Pa. area. Could recommend a good place to take it? Thanks, Rich Giro

Submitted by: Richard Giro


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Your query is about 7 months old - about the time I got my 2007 Coupe (LeMans Blue) with 24,552 mi. I had a bad experience with the Chevy Dealership where purchased in Wood River, IL and now use a Chevy Dealership in a small town (Palmyra, IL) that sells and services a lot of Corvettes - they had 2 new 2014's in showroom and 3 nice looking used ones on lot. Although it is a bit longer drive there vs. dealer where I got the car I have found their service to be great which says they have earned the business by attracting Vette owners and buyers from surrounding areas. I recommend that you try to find such a dealer that caters to Vette owners with mechanics that know how to work on Corvettes. Dan McCrea on 1/13/2015 5:15:43 PM

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