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89 center console lid latch catch

I have an 89 with a center console that will not stay closed. I have a workable latch in good condition, but where the console latch catches onto is missing from the shifter console. Do I need a new shifter console or is there something I can use as a catch?

Submitted by: Repented Hipster


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Thank you, Andrew! Repented Hipster on 2/3/2014 3:20:05 PM
You are missing a piece that screws in just under where your shifter face plate meets your storage area. It looks like a thick piece of sheet metal about a half inch wide and half inch high with another quarter inch bent over to a ninety degree angle and bent under itself to double thickness , which is what your latch catches.The quarter inch that's bent over needs to be flush to the face plate. It could be fabricated or go on line and find some vette salvage yards.If you go salvage yard route see if there is anything else you need to combine shipping. Enjoy your 89 !!! Andrew Verven on 1/7/2014 5:41:49 PM

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