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C1 1953 - 1962 General Discussion
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Paint removal We just bought a 62 with, literally, Bass Boat Blue paint. It was painted in the 70s. So awful. It was originally black, with fawn interior. My plan is to restore it. Anyone have any tips for removing paint? Tom 9/12/2021 6:38:32 PM0
1954 Drive Gear My drive gear is stripped on my 1954 C!. I cant find the exact replacement . Has anyone tried a different tooth count and has it worked. A lead on an original great would be great as well. Not concerned with accuracy. Would like to be close accurate speed. Stephen Troy 11/18/2020 1:49:42 PM2
Looking for Jerry Phelps and my old 1961 Fawn Beige Fuelie I tracked down my old '61 Fuelie soft top delete Vette by it's VIN and it now resides in Illinois somewhere. I might have found the guy who bought it from me in SoCal in 1990. The VIN is 10867S103492 Fawn Beige Metallic without contrasting coves. Thanks, Mick QZRBLU 4/17/2017 8:35:14 PM0
Vapor lock on a 1960 I have a 1960 with dual carbs. After driving around I cluch in to shift gears on a turn or at a red light and during the " coast time of a few seconds" it stalls out . To restart I need to run the starter longer and give it more gas pedal action then usual to get it going again. The car runs at about 170 degrees so I didnt think it should happen but it does. Any ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated. Randy Kertesz 6/16/2014 9:42:33 AM2
CORVETTE RESTORATION AZ BANKRUPTCY To all Vette enthusiasts, I am one of the Vette Owners who was left in the dark, when the widow of the owner of Corvette Restoration AZ declared Bankruptcy 10 days ago. I am in NO way trying to talk poorly of Kim Ian Madsen whom passed away a couple of months ago. Kim was a true professional and good man. You became friends with him when he was restoring your car. Fortunately, If it wasn't for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office to help me out by dispatching a patrol car to check out the business, I would not have known of the business closing down. I have made contact with the Attorney for Madsen LLC and have hired my own Attorney to go after the company so that I can find out where my Vette is. My 62 Vette was given to the company as an all original documented 62 Vette, for a full frame off restoration. Now I do not even know where the car is, what condition it is in and if all the original parts are accounted for. If you know of anyone else who has been poorly taken care of due ... Ihor Petrenko 8/17/2011 8:04:41 PM3
62 Vette Restoration Questions Having my Vette restored while deployed in Iraq. Does anyone recommend a good quality, enclosed car trailer to pull the Vette once it is restored. Thanks for any replies. Ihor Petrenko 12/11/2009 6:25:37 AM6
1954 corvette windshield is a safety-float ASI-JI not a safety-Float??? I have a 1954 corvette that I am replacing the winshield because it states it is a safety-Float and not a safety plate according to NCRS manual. Also the date of the window is ASI-JI and this does not correspond to any dating for windows in the maual or any other books that I can Find???? I was told this window was purchased from Canada in 1978 and it was a last known replacement or OEM windshield for the car but do not know if this it true. Mark Wiley 10/16/2009 5:08:39 PM0
rear window replacement-Hard top I'm about to replace the rear window on my hard top, Is there any tips as to how to install the weather strip and back light. I've been working with this problem for a while. Any tips or suggestins will be very helpful Paul Hafner 9/9/2009 4:51:17 AM0
intake and carbs I recently purchased a 1961 that included the original 270hp 283 block. My question is what correct numbers should I be looking for on the wcfb carbs and intake? Les Peterson 5/7/2009 10:38:38 AM1
1962 C1 I purchased a body off restoration vette from a fellow who sold 'old' parts to have enough money for the restoration. He sold the radio, wheel covers, and of all things the original 327 V8 engine. I have finally tracked down the engine (which was sold for somewhere in the neighborhood of $300.00 to $600.00) and he now wants $ 2,500.00 for the number-matching (#2538). It needs to be rebuilt. He pulled the heads off but has a complete engine minus the carburetor. My questions are these. If I were to purchase this engine, does anyone out there have an idea of what it is really worth and how much would it increase the value if (God forbid) I decide to sell the car later. Other than the Sony radio, the SSBC brakes, the 350 V8, and the polished aluminum American Racing wheels; it is original. Thank you for any input. There is one other fellow interested in the 327 (according to the seller) but of course I am the only one to really benefit from having the engine. Jere Jere Colman 8/18/2008 1:12:52 PM1
Holes & Convertable Top I am in the process of reassembling a 1961 vette and am wondering about all the holes which pass through the body on the underside. How many of them are supposed to have covers? I have found trunk hole covers in some catalogs but no others. Are there other covers? I need a source, hopefully in or close to to Maine, where I can have an expert adjust the convertable top so it works properly and allows the doors to open and close with the top up. Tom Doe 6/24/2008 9:16:59 AM0
Fly Wheel Housing Dust Cover 61 Vette - would like to find a place to order the deep, one-piece fly wheel dust cover. I have ordered on a previous instance and was shipped a two-piece part. Thanks for any feedback. Bobby Rich 1/23/2008 11:44:38 AM1
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