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C5-1998 Convertible-Tailights/Dashlights requires 4-5 times to get on??

My 1998 Convertible Tailights and Dash lights won't go on right away. They decide to go on when they want to,usually after turning them on and off a few times they will work or they will go on after driving a few miles?

Submitted by: Capt. Harry Van Wormer


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Maybe this will help, I was told to use everything that had a button on it every thirity days. Turn it on and off, simple as that! If it is in storage, start it up, drive down the driveway. Then back it up in place, this coat the inside of the motor with oil, and covers the gears in the rear end with oil. Hope this helps you. John Aleman on 10/31/2012 10:50:38 AM
You have a faulty ground connection or wire at the junction/relay box that controls those lights, if you drive your car during wet conditions, rust or corrosion could be your problem, good luck. Angel Cabradilla on 11/3/2010 3:35:07 PM

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