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Matching numbers question?

I'm looking at a 1970 convertible that is supposed to be a matching numbers car. But it appears to me that the 1st number on the block VIN ledge is a "7" not a "1" as you would expect for a Chevy engine. I have looked at it several times and no matter how I look at it, it still is a "7"! The block casting number is the correct one but the casting date and the engine build date appear to be rather close as follows: Engine code = V0706CTJ (Build date July 6th 1970?) block casting date = G 3 0 (Block casting date July 3rd 1970?) I'm not an expert on these issues, but it appears to me the VIN stamp on the block is "70S 415XXX" X = equal numbers I excluded on purpose. Can anyone help me sort this out, the block numbers look almost to prefect and I'm concerned they have been re stamped and its not a real matching numbers car! I could use some help and guidance on this subject!

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I also have a 1970 convertible (21 years) and at first drove myself crazy with the matching #s question. Even had a corvette friend tell me " want matching #s give me a die grinder and a stamp kit". Average value is around $29,000 look it over(frame, etc.) Make your deal, buy it, and just ENJOY it . This probably didn't help but it's a good way to approach the situation. Thomas Parker on 9/9/2017 8:44:32 AM
All numbers look correct. I believe that the 70S shows that the vehicle is a cpe ( the 7) a 1970 ( the 0) and then the rest is the 15,XXX corvette built that model year. They started that number at 400000 for that model year. Doug Hart on 9/8/2017 7:03:47 AM

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