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C7 2014 - ? General Discussion
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speaker 2008, when i open the driver side door with the care off I hear load noise coming from the passenger side speaker Carl Flores 6/4/2021 11:41:02 AM0
Flex fuel sensor Does anyone know of a manufacturer that has a flex fuel sensor for the 2019 Corvette ZR1. I have a 2019 Corvette ZR1 that has installed the Hennessey HPE 1200 package (1200 Horse Power), but it runs on E85 fuel only. The part of the country that I live in, E85 fuel is hard to come by, so my driving mileage is very limited, unless I carry extra cans of fuel with me. I would love to put a flex fuel sensor in it, but so far, I haven't been able to find anyone that makes one. Thanks Mitch Mitch 1/27/2021 5:21:20 AM2
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