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C4 1984 - 1996 General Discussion
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Primary Fan and engine cooling I have a 1990 Corvette 5.7 L-98 with auto. It has 25,000 miles. It has a new water pump, thermostat and sensors for the temp gauge. The primary fan is not working. The A/C fan is. If I drive in traffic I have to turn on the A/C. That fan keeps the temperature gauge out of the "danger zone". Of course without the primary fan working it still runs a bit hot. What am I missing here? I have been told it is not the "main black box" I need to get the primary fan operational. I have been advised to hot wire the primary fan to the ignition. That sounds a bit chancy, but what the hell, nothing else is working! Would appreciate help from an NCOA fellow member. Thanks Philip Kiraly 4/19/2021 9:44:59 AM1
1988 Hood release handle replacement 4 12 2017 I am trying to replace the hood latch release handle, old one came off good, but ? to try in put on the new one in the under the dash side is very hard ! small space to work in etc. Any suggestions ? how to attach the small screw etc, and hold it in place to tighten. THX Ralph Geigner 4/12/2017 5:55:30 PM0
F45 Suspension I just purchased my first Corvette and will pick up a 1996 coupe next month. Seller claims car has the F45 Suspension. My research notes the F45 is basically an improved FX3 which apparently included heavy duty cooling, fast ratio steering and Z52 springs and sway bar features. Question: Are the FX3 features included in the F45 package? Ed Hill 3/9/2017 11:03:36 AM3
1988 Corvette Suggested tries pressures ? I have 2 1988's and both if going by the " Book " etc. shows the tire pressures to be at 35 PSI, ? but sure makes for rough riding ! I have gone down to 30PSI, but still seems rough ! Suggestion please. Go Army 25 yrs ! Ralph Geigner 6/5/2016 3:01:39 PM0
Replace steering wheel My 89 Corvette's steering wheel is worn and the horn does not work. First, how does one remove the horn button? Second, I know I will need a wheel puller but what else? Repented Hipster 2/3/2014 3:18:41 PM1
89 center console lid latch catch I have an 89 with a center console that will not stay closed. I have a workable latch in good condition, but where the console latch catches onto is missing from the shifter console. Do I need a new shifter console or is there something I can use as a catch? Repented Hipster 12/16/2013 10:09:54 AM2
96 C4 TPMS Bought My 96 C4 Coupe new, Christmas of 95. Only has 26K miles on it. Last year I bought a set of aftermarket wheels and tires and found out after I installed them that they do not have TPM sensors. I want to keep my original wheels and tires intact so that everything will be original, in case I decide to get it certified as a survivor, or enter it in any shows. Therefore cannibalizing the sensors from the original "Cuisinart" wheels is out of the question. Does anybody know if the newer, less cumbersome, C5 sensors will work with the C4 receiver? Or if not, does anybody know of a good source for C4 sensors? Roy Elliott 11/4/2013 4:14:06 PM5
Looking for a Wind Screen for C5 I have tried the screen that Mid America, etc has in their catalog but found the fit was so tight to the fiberglass I sent it back. Anyone else have something they can recommend that has been custom made or?? Looking for ideas Rick Koentopp 970-222-4841 Richard Koentopp 8/5/2013 3:38:08 PM0
Rear window shade for C 4 Coup Need a Rear window shade for C 4 Coup, sometimes travel with our dog but she roasts back there. A company used to make them but no longer does, anyone have a used one for sale??? Thanks Mike Mike Daly 7/29/2013 1:49:16 PM1
Bra for front of C4 I had a LeBra on the front of my C4 Corvette here in Ohio. Our disadvantage was the was had to have the front license plate displayed which meant the opening for the plate had to be exposed. I found that this opening and the ones around the driving lights allowed small pebbles (stone chips) to get underneath the cover when driving on the highway and they scratched the front of the nose piece of the car. These were deep enough that they couldn't be buffed out, it would have required new paint in that area. If you're in Florida that may not be a problem if you don't have to use the front plate. I would look for a bra that has that front plate area closed and also may have clear plastic over the driving light area so that stone chips can't get in behind the cover. Patty Dannhausen 2/11/2013 2:24:20 PM4
'Best' Bra for C4 Lots of bugs here in Florida. I'd like to protect my C4 with a good front end cover/bra. I'm looking at Auto-Anything's web site and see the LeBra, Covercraft and Colgan brands. What have you used, liked, disliked? Michael Ungerman 2/8/2013 9:32:50 AM6
Replace a Heater Core Has anyone replaced a heater core in a 1994 Corvette Conv .? I am a handy guy but don't know if I want to attempt this job with the proper shop manuals. I can get the parts online or do you think it is a job for the dealer or can someone recommend someone in the Montgomery County, PA area. Thank you for your assistance. Anonymous 1/10/2013 2:15:53 PM4
1994 Electrical Short I need help in finding an electrical short. When I hit a large bump in the road, the interior lights will flicker and the door locks will lock and then unlock. Where would I start to look for this kind of short? Randy Muller 6/13/2012 3:57:19 PM5
Corvette Crossroads Hello is anybody planning on attending the Corvette Crossroads show in Mackinaw City this next weekend? Michael Hosket 8/19/2011 10:09:59 PM2
ASR Service Light and ASR Disabled Light The Service ASR Light is on and I can no longer switch the ASR on and off. Any ideas? My car is 1 1996 LT1 coupe with only 29k miles. Just added full length headers then light came on. Codes are 65 and 72. Trying not to take it to the dealer if at all possible. To many horror stories about hit and miss fixes. Thanks, Ken. Kenneth Watters 6/10/2011 2:15:06 PM1
84 hood latch problem I can not get the right side to release. How do I get to it or is there a tool that can reach in there? Seems imposible. RM Raymond Montanari 10/3/2010 10:26:03 AM8
1994 Torch Red LT1 Roadster Help, Please I've noticed that there was a recall for seat belt problems with C-4 Corvettes. I have not seen anything that would include my car. These postings do not appear recent, however the retractor issue seems to be the same as my problem. If GM used the same seat belt mechanisms for subsequent years, wouldn't the recall extend to those C-4's as well? I would like to be armed with at least a little knowledge on the subject before I approach the local dealership & risk be treated like a " dumb blonde" . The driver's side belt won't extend from the shoulder. It seems to be stuck. It happened without warning...I released the belt, exited the car, ran into the store, got back in, couldn't make the belt work! Can someone Please tell me how to go about getting the dealership to fix this "safety feature" no charge? Help! Thank You MS VETT (from Ma.) MSVETTE 8/3/2010 5:38:59 PM0
95 C4 Sport Seat Control My C4 Sport Seat Control works fine, with one exception, it won't move either the driver or passenger seat backward reliably. The one switch operates both seats and ti takes upwards of 30 toggles of the switch to get the seat to move back. I have checked with GM and found that the part is no longer made. Is a repair possible? Are after-market or used replacements available? My wife thinks this is a plot to prevent her from driving the car! Dean C Kaul 7/16/2010 8:41:38 AM5
C4 water build up I just read the Feb.newsletter. Jay has a water problem on his C5. Your answer is very detailed. My 96 has the same problem, are the drains located in the same place? Thanks Mike Mike Bys 2/15/2010 3:04:01 PM1
87 Coupe won't start I ran out of gas. Refilled to a quarter tank, now won't start. Sputers and runs for 2-4 seconds. Can hear the fuel pump running. Have jumped out the pump relay, sometimes runs a little better, but not usually. Getting 10-15 psi on the fuel manifold. Help Thanks 4 months without a ride. William Carey 2/2/2010 5:25:34 PM8
Vette won't run 87 Coupe Ran out of fuel. Refueled now engine starts but won't continue to run. Shop manual says ECM not receiving pulses from distributer to continue power to the fuel pump. How to fix HELP Thanks William Carey 9/10/2009 5:05:26 PM2
Vette won't run 87 Coupe Ran out of fuel. Refueled now engine starts but won't continue to run. Shop manual says ECM not receiving pulses from distributer to continue power to the fuel pump. How to fix HELP Thanks William Carey 9/10/2009 5:05:26 PM1
Factory Window Stickers Is there anyway (based upon the VIN#) I can find out what options came on my 1996 Corvette. Just purchased it (only 26k miles) and owner did not have that information. I would like to get a original sticker reproduction including options. Kenneth Watters 7/11/2009 12:51:59 PM4
Floor Pan Diasater Did the thing that no one want to do, had 84 on jack stands then, though they where no longer under car and released jack. Now have a hole in the floor pan on passenger side. Does anyone have any suggestion to best fix? Joseph Borg 5/7/2009 7:47:12 AM0
Car wont start Wont start cant hear fule pump on 84 Michael Whitener 4/24/2009 6:33:32 PM2
Corvette Graveyards Does anyone know of any slavage yards, preferably in the Houston, Texas area, that carry corvette parts? Also, if anyone knows of ANY corvatte salvage yard, please send me an response. I would appreciate it John F. Mascaro 3/9/2009 8:50:05 AM2
C4 Ignition switch My son in law replaced the ignition switch in a C4 corvette and now has a "security light" on the dash when he tries to start the vehicle. It has the ignition system shut down. It will not start. Anyone have an idea? Joseph Fernbaugh 7/7/2008 11:34:10 AM1
1985 4+3 overdrive When transmission is in overdrive, the slightest increase in acceleration kicks out overdrive. Does anyone know how to adjust the switch or linkage so it isn't so sensitive? It has gotten progressivly more sensitive over time. Steve Meillier 9/21/2007 7:35:14 PM0
HELP: C4 Seat Belts not working Where does a guy find an OEM set of seat belts for 90-93 Vette? I have a bona fide safety issue with my 1993 Coupe. The shoulder harnesses (both driver and passenger) will not properly lock when stopping. Once in a great while, they will "catch" like they are supposed to, but it's definitely the exception. There is a a "Cinch" button on the recoil machanism that does lock the lap belt but that only provides a small amount of safety. The main concern is the passenger, since there is not even an airbag there to assist with impact. When the shoulder belt does not lock, the passenger can easily hit the dashboard or windshield depending on their height. I've taken the car to the local Chevrolet dealership and they agree that the belts need to be replaced! So, in normal fashion, I asked them to complete the repair -- fully expecting to pay $500+ installed. This time, however, the answer came back that the "parts are not available." Imagine my su... Ron Larson 8/27/2007 4:30:18 PM4
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