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Corvette Crossroads

Hello is anybody planning on attending the Corvette Crossroads show in Mackinaw City this next weekend?

Submitted by: Michael Hosket


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I have attended the Corvette Crossroads since 1988. It"s fun to go over the Mackinaw bridge. It goes only one way now. We used to go over the Bridge and they closed both lanes on both sides but now they let you go over with the right lane with every one else and fine your own way back. First you go down the middle lane coming out of Mackinaw where you can wave to every body and then turn on the right lane and go over the bridge and then fine your own way back or go up to Castle Rock Road and then come back to Mackinaw city. Saturday night 7:00 line up at 6PM. The show itself starts Saturday AM and they give awards in the afternoon. They also have a Poker Run that you can take part of which you do on foot. Also they have a Art show. My sister in law is having a party in Gaylord so we are only going over the bridge. My Corvette is Red hardtop with a Michigan License is RVETTE Brian Banninga Brian Banninga on 8/18/2015 6:01:37 PM
Have you ever attended? I might go, 1st year for Vette... anyone ever gone, what goes on? Thanks Mike Mike Daly on 7/29/2013 1:41:32 PM

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