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Traction control ABS lights on

I have a 2003 with less than 17000 mile on it. Recently when I started the car the traction control, ABS lights came on. I took the car to Elco Chevrolet who diagnosised the problem as a wheel speed sensor. They replaced the wheel speed sensor and for $758 I was back on the road again. I drove the car 10 miles and the traction control, ABS light came on again. Now they have had the car for a week. Has any one have the same problem? Who in the St Louis area do you use for your Corvette work? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Tom

Submitted by: Tom Ferguson


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Had the same issue with my 2004 C5…….Checked the sensors for output…..checked the traction control switch….cycled it a few times, disconnected the battery, bought a tube of Stabilant 22 (contact enhancer) applied it to all sensors, then put the connectors back on, once they were connected, I then sprayed the outside of the terminal housing with LPS 2. (water proof lubricant, used it for years) Connected the battery, went for a road test, no issues. So far it has been two years. Mike S PS: And the issue of the ABS, has the brake fluid been changed recently? ABS light came on in my friends C5….Flushed the fluid….no issues…… Posted by Administrator on 10/24/2014 9:29:39 AM
I have a 2010 Grand sport. My traction control and active handling light came on. Because these two systems inter react with each other, is why both lights came on. My problem was the throttle control sensor.Electronics can be frustrating as hell. Good luck, Harley Posted by Administrator on 10/24/2014 9:23:10 AM
My 2004 has same problem-----check EBCM-electronic brake control module. If that is the problem, be sure to have computer re-programmed after changed. Good luck. Posted by Administrator on 10/24/2014 9:21:24 AM
I can offer help with your second question re: Who in St. Louis area do you use for your Corvette work. Although I bought my '07 Vette at Jack Schmitt in Wood River, IL at end of May I do not use them for service after their service dept. guys jerked me around over a clutch problem (see my series of posts on this forum on that fiasco). I now use Smoky Jennings Chevrolet in Palmyra, IL that has 2 new Vettes in showroom and 3 nice looking used ones on lot. They recently solved a problem of airbag light staying on....needed seatbelt pre-tensioner replaced - it triggered the light. They sure sell and service a lot of Vettes for a small treating Vette owners right. Dan McCrea on 10/18/2014 10:25:49 PM
I have a '03 vette z06 with 18k miles. Just after the warrantly ran out ABS traction control light came on. Took it to dealer in Tysons corner Va. who said computer under passenger side carpeting needed replacing. $1700.00 -ouch! Light has stayed out since. Never went back to the dealer John Tingley on 10/15/2014 12:51:42 PM
I had a similar problem, the steering wheel position sensor was defective. Dan Moss on 10/15/2014 3:14:48 AM
Could also be a light bulb is out. Happened to me. One taillight was out, I got TC, ABS, & AH Warning lights. Replaced bulb, problem solved! Issue is poor design...all are on the same circuit, so if a bulb goes out, it affects everything else in line. JETBLU on 10/14/2014 1:11:01 PM
This is a common problem. I just put my 03 back together it was having the same problem. I would get the traction control ABS message intermittently. The problem is bad solder joints in the ABS module. I removed the module and sent it to ABS FIXER and they repaired it for $150.00 plus shipping. It took about 5 days. It is a little tight removing the ABS module and is easiest done from the passenger side of the car. There are good directions on the Corvette Forum. It took me about 1 hour to remove and 30 min to reinstall. Leslie Wise on 10/14/2014 12:59:14 PM
my Vette is a 69, no traction control but recently got a recall on my 2007 pontiac that there is a problem with the wiring harness and that my cause the traction control light to go on. Could that problem extend to the 2003 Vette? Jerry Farber on 10/14/2014 12:54:25 PM

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