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2008 ZO6 Handling Question

This my first experience with a wide tire powerful Vette other than my 94 ZR1. I have noticed that on certain roads that might have seams, large cracks, etc that my car has a tendency to want follow these cracks, seams, etc. mostly at slower city speeds. I have heard that ZO6's have a more neutral set up and was wondering if this is a characteristic of this set-up. At high speeds the car is absolutely stable and straight. I have also noticed that when this car is on a slight incline it rolls very little, in either direction, almost as if the brake is on, but it's not. Is this a result of run flats, in that they are more resisitant to rolling or is it again due to the very wide nature of the tires? Any ideas? Thanks

Submitted by: Gary Moscowitz


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I have a 2008 Z06 I purchased new in May of 2009 (dealer had in stock - unsold). Mine tends to "wander" on crowned or cracked asphalt roads and yes it is extremely stable at high speeds. I have not noticed the other issue though. Mine seems to coast about like any other manual transmission vehicle. I have not felt it was holding back or the brakes felt to be engaging. I will say my wife's Impala (automatic transmission) will run off down an incline, even with the cruise control engaged. Anonymous on 11/3/2010 1:32:57 PM
Charles, Thanks for the input. You are not the first to speak poorly of the GoodYear RF's. The tires on my car are indeed GY's and although I have read all sorts of complaints about tire noise and excessive wear, the road wandering was not mentioned. You're the first to admit to the same experiences. So there's "comfort" in numbers and I am not about to submit to expensive alignments and such. I can deal with it until tires need replacing and if your experiences turn out to be mine, I've got about 4-5K to go before that happens. Thanks again for the info! Gary M. Gary Moscowitz on 11/3/2010 9:07:12 AM
Gary, If your 2008 came from the factory with Goodyear Eagles like my 2007 did, the Goodyears are at least part of the problem. I think, in general, superwide tires tend to get pilled about by surface irregularities more than narrower tires. However, the Goodyears the worst of the worst. MIne finally wore out after 11,000 miles of very non-aggressive driving! (I think Corvette should give us our money back for these atrocious tires.) Anyway, after replacing the Goodyears with Bridgestone Potenza runflats, the ride, handling and noise level all greatly improved, including the road wander that prompted your letter. I experienced exactly the same thing with a 2000 C5 roadster. Road wander, tire noise and poor traction and poor wear (13500 miles in that case.) I replace the Goodyears with Michellins and thought I had brought home a different car. My experience would put Michellins slightly ahead of the Bridgestones but they were not available in Z06 sizes when I needed to change. Bottom line, get rid of the Goodyears and you'll really enjoy your hot rod. Charles Putnik on 10/19/2010 3:52:59 PM
I have C3s and they all will follow cracks and seams in the road. They have standard radial tires. I've never driven on run flats so I can't describe how they behave. I'll ask one of my car club buddies who has a 2008 Z06. Jerry Rebman on 10/19/2010 10:41:30 AM

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