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Body mounts Hi i have a shop in scraborough in ontairo we are working on a 1968 coupe did they have ruber bushings or just the shims to mount the body on Frank Blandizzi 2/8/2012 2:27:48 PM1
Paint Shop Recommendation Does anyone know of an excellent paint shop in the Salt Lake City area? Attention to detail and paint quality that meets or exceeds the manufacturer paint job is a must. Anonymous 4/3/2011 3:49:17 PM0
Need a hood for 68 - 72 big block I have a friend who is restoring a 70 Big Block. He needs a hood. Anybody have one they'll let go? If so, let me know how much and where you are located. Thanx, Chuck Jilbert Placerville CA Chuck Jilbert 11/18/2010 3:06:30 PM0
Color of shocks - 64 I have heard that the shocks should all be painted gray. I have also heard that only the front or rear should be gray and the others should be black. Does anyone have th definitive answer as to which is correct? Geoff Batchelder 12/14/2007 1:51:21 PM0
paint and finish restoration I was on Tail of the Dragon in TN last week and somebody bumped/scratched the left rear quarter of my DPM LT1, leaving a silver scuff down the side. Of course they left without leaving a note. Can I use a compound on this without removing the paint from the surface? Brian Weyeneth 7/25/2007 6:36:43 AM1
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