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Remote Door Lock Doesn't Hold Programming-2000 C5 Convertible

The remote key entry (RKE) became erratic and finally failed to unlock the doors. I installed a new battery in the key fob and reset the system following the directions in the owner?s manual. The RKE system worked for a few days and then failed again. I replaced both RKE fobs through the Chevrolet dealer and had the system reprogrammed. After a few days, the RKE became erratic and failed. Back at the dealer and referring to a GM service document, the service tech says that that my cell phone or 12 volt cell phone cord could be causing the problem by interfering with the radio frequency (GM Bulletin #PIT4105, 08/2006). Sure enough, the cell phone transmits a signal that the J43241 Fob Tester detected. Since there are lots of C5s out there and lots of cell phones, is anyone else experiencing erratic performance from the C5 RKE?

Submitted by: Larry Peregrine


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Larry. How timely this is. We just purchased a 2000 for me that came with only one remote. It became erratic so dealer replaced it and we purchased a second one. One works about 80 % of the time, the other not at all. This will be my fourth time to dealer. They are telling me that it is the receiver. Arghhh is what I say. Cathy Musselwhite, spouse of James (Dan) Musselwhite James Musselwhite on 10/31/2012 2:02:31 PM

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