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Annoying 1-4 shift

Does anyone know how to bypass that totally annoying 1to4 shift that the C6 is equipped with.What's the advantage anyway?E-mailed GM got no answer.

Submitted by: George Haray


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mid america motorworks sell a simple bi-pass system for around 20 bucks. I have it on my c6.Works great. Dave Timbrell Colorado David Timbrell on 4/4/2011 9:29:08 AM
Well my "just take out the fuse" solution has been not completely trouble free. Although the fune-less system worked just fine for several months one night after the seeing Jackie Greene play in Ann Arbor I found that my memory mirror settings had been forgotten and my brake lights had stopped working. Replacing the fuse fixed everytging .... and .... interestingly I've not had a single instance of a forced 1-4 shift since. Go figure. I've also been able to improve my city-suburban MPG to 25.3 with a 2nd row or even-only shift pattern. Anytime I have a level or downsloping take-off I start in 2nd gear and then just shift directly into 4th and then 6th. Of course this isn't much fun but it was interesting to see how much gas I could save in my econobox subcompact Corvette Coupe. I also have a Dodge Caliber hatch with the 2 liter four. I only get 24.2 mpg city/suburban with that car. This just flabergasts my engineer friends who work for Chrysler --- Corvette get better gas mileage than a Caliber for both city/sub and highway driving :-) Tom Nousaine on 6/2/2008 2:08:38 PM
Actually with the 2007 C6 disconnecting the skip-shift solenoid is much easier than it was on my 1994-5 C4's and 2001 C5. On those earlier vehicles you had to physically disconnect the solenoid because the electrical system had the back-up lights and CAGS system on the same fuse. But in my 2007 Coupe the CAGS system has it's own fuse (a 10-amp called fuse #10 in the under-hood fuse box) so simply taking out the fuse disables the skip-shift. You don't even have to get under the car. I'l not sure if the system is the same for C6 model years other than 2007. But the fuse box has the functions for each fuse listed in the box lid. Tom Nousaine on 4/24/2008 7:44:08 AM
Folks, To avoid this annoyance you can disconnect the CAGS. I disconnected it on my 1994 and bought a CAGS eliminator which keeps the dirt out of the connectors after the plug has been separated. For a more complete write-up on this issue including installation intructions, go to url: You can purchase these eliminators from a number of corvette suppliers. I bought mine from Mid America Motorworks ( for about $20. Following below is a listing from the catalog. Good luck. Jerry Mid America Motorworks: Eliminate 1st to 4th "Skip Shift" If you have disconnected the Computer Aided Gear Selection (CAGS) system, our Performance Choice 6-Speed Skip Shift Bypass will protect the open ends of the harness and prevent throwing trouble codes. These custom-designed harness plugs not only avoid dirt/corrosion problems associated with an open-ended harness, but also allow you to easily reconnect it, if necessary, with no modifications. Installation instructions included. Part Year Model/Year Price Availability 603-703 1997-08 CAGS 6-Speed Skip Shift Bypass $19.99 In Stock Jerry on 8/7/2007 3:26:17 PM

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