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a/c problem

My neighbor tells me that her 1996 vette's a/c does not work after starting the vehicle. After driving for awhile the a/c starts working, what could be the problem. thanks, Bob..Fl.

Submitted by: Robert Johnson


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First I would look in the middle AC vent on the passengers side for the interior temperature senor to see if it is covered with lint. If it is just take a pair of tweezers and pick the lint off of the sensor. Next question to ask is the AC fully charged with r-134a. If it is then look at the fan control module. I have a 1996 corvette and the air would work after it ran for awhile also. It still was not that cold. Finally the fan control module went bad and the fan was always running, even with the key in the off position. Soon as I replaced the fan control module the AC would stay on the temperature it was set at and it was cold now. I had my car into two different dealers work on my car one replaced the control head on the dash and the other recharged the AC system. Neither repair helped, so I would start with looking at the inside temperature sensor first. John Aleman on 1/29/2018 3:19:49 PM
Begin by checking the level of refrigerant in the AC system. When refrigerant is borderline low it may not have enough pressure when cold to trip the pressure switch to allow the system to work. Then as the car is driven engine heat warms the refrigerant, the refrigerant expands and the pressure increases. Now with warmer refrigerant there is enough pressure to close the low pressure switch and on comes the AC. Posted by Administrator on 3/7/2016 3:12:59 PM

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