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Smog Pump (Air Pump)

Has anyone dismantled a 81 smog pump. I have taken it partially apart and now I'm stuck. I've contacted Cardone Mfg and they won't help. I was thinking of having the outer shell chromed. So I need to remove the guts. Any help would be super. Thank you. Gary

Submitted by: Gary Pugliese


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Gary, don't know if your 81 pump is similar to the one on my 72, but I did take that apart a few years ago. I recall all the splines inside are separate and will fall out so be careful. Kind of like needle bearings in a u joint. There are several bushings that the shaft rides on and all need to be in place or the shaft will burn out. To take all the guts out to chrome the housing may not be worth the effort. There's no way to "hold" things together outside the housing. if you do move forward,go slow and I'd photo things in the disassemble to give a guide to replacement. I usually do that with a carb when I take it off so I don't have to memorize the linkage reconnection. You have photo to refer to. Good luck!! Richard Knudsen on 6/13/2012 2:22:27 PM

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