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Clutch pedal shaft

Any info or tips on replacing the clutch pedal shaft on my '64. The replacement part says it is a weld on fix. I removed the clutch pedal but have left the shaft in the brake pedal. Any thing I need to know or little tricks would be greatly appreciated. I haven"t ordered any parts yet but can see I will need to order shaft and four bushings, is that all or am I missing something else. Thanks

Submitted by: Mike Porter


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Begin by removing the seat followed by removing the steering column. Once you have access remove the pedal and support bracket as an assembly. With everything out of the car it?s time to overhaul the pedals which will mean all new bushings and any other worn parts you find. But I would highly recommend against using the old pedal and trying to remove the shaft then weld in a new shaft. Most suppliers offer a complete pedal assembly with shaft already welded in place. Any savings on dollars will be long gone by the time you manage to properly cut out the old welded shaft and weld in the new one. But if you go that route make sure the person doing the welding is a good welder or you will be doing it again in short order. Posted by Administrator on 2/29/2016 4:19:03 PM

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