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I have a problem in that the inside rear view mirror on my 66 Coupe vibrates at speeds upwards of 75 mph. How do I resolve this problem. Wheel balance is not the problem, loose screws are not the problem. Help.....

Submitted by: Larry Townsend


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Larry: I had that problem years ago on a '69 Chevelle SS. It happened only after the dealer changed the engine under warranty. The car came with a 396 and they replaced it with a 402 because the 396 had just been phased out. What they did was use the original flywheel and harmonic balancer which were for the internally balanced 396. The 402/454 is an externally balanced engine. Once we had the correct flywheel, the vibration went away. If you haven't changed the flywheel I'd check driveshaft balance. The small weights usually found on driveshafts can come off. I've taken driveshafts to the shop for balancing and a few of them have been way off. It doesn't take much to make a vibration show up in the mirror. I hope this helps. Jerry Jerry Rebman on 8/3/2010 11:49:41 AM

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