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C5 -2004 Vette

I have driven my 2004 since new with 17,000 miles . My headsup display lights up but the the numbers for the speed don't show up and the whole display is lit but the back ground comes up in the display. So I turned it off and on several times and maybe the fourth time I turn it on it will work properly. When I turn the kep in the off position, it will repeat the same error problem. Does anyone have a similar experience? Thanks. FJ

Submitted by: Frank Johnston


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This is not something that I've come across so I contacted a friend Paul Koerner who is a World Class Certified GM Service Technician. Paul said that the most likely cause is a cracked HUD control board. Unfortunately the fix will be to replace the HUD unit itself. Posted by Administrator on 11/11/2009 11:13:51 AM
I was at Mid America's 35th Anniv. this past weekend and they had a young Corvette Tech who gave several Help Session related to the C5 and this guy is outstanding. I'd suggest our member contact Paul Koerner at with his problem. Anonymous on 10/14/2009 9:52:44 AM
I haven't had any problems with the heads up in my 01 Coupe C5, but sounds like fuse , loose connection or maybe ground connection. Hopefully someone else can help with solving it for you. Bob Anonymous on 10/14/2009 9:44:44 AM
Sometimes my 04z06ce HUD will become a smear, but it seems to be sunlight related as to how the car is oriented with respect to the sun. Do you have any error codes displayed? Glenda Hale on 9/28/2009 7:59:28 PM
Frank, I cannot offer you any specific advice, but I am replying because I also have a 2004 Corvette with HUD. My HUD works just fine after 30,000 miles, although I rarely use it. I can tell you that electronic problems of this sort, which seem to occur at totally random times, are almost always the result of a bad electrical ground, or a faulty solder joint on a circuit board, which works or doesn't work depending on ambient temperature. When you do eventually find out the root cause of the problem, would you be kind enough to email me the details? I would be very grateful and hopefully we'll wave each other some day on Route 66! Joe Razumich Joseph Razumich on 9/28/2009 5:41:42 PM

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