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Tracing History of my Corvette

I purchased a 66 roadster at a Carlisle auction a few years ago and I am trying to trace back the vehicle history. I got back 3 owners and then hit a dead end. Any ideas/tips would be appreciated...

Submitted by: Frank Morelli


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That was my first post here, I forgot my Dad's NCOA membership had been transferred into to my Mom's name to retain the membership number, that's going to be confusing in the future if I don't correct that :p Carol Smith on 8/3/2010 12:00:12 PM
Hi Frank, I'm restoring a '67 that my Dad bought in 1976. I contacted NCRS member Bill Gould ( for help in trying to learn prior owner history, and he helped me find the person who sold the car to my Dad. He was glad to hear that the car still existed and that we were restoring it, and he had a lot of information about the car. He also was able to explain several of the mysteries we discovered about the car. There is a page on Bill Gould's website where he asks for a lot of details that you DO have about your car. I sent him everything I could think of that might be helpful, including scanned receipts from the 1970s if they seemed applicable. We ran into a dead-end going back further than the immediately previous owner (1972-1976), but I was able to get a lot of helpful information just the same, and Bill Gould was great to work with. Good luck, Scott Carol Smith on 8/3/2010 11:56:42 AM

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