2015 final model year count

July 16, 2015

Corvette sales were down from 2014 (37,288 vs 34,240) but model year 2015 was a shorter run than 2014 which would account for the drop.

The most popular model was the Stingray Coupes 20,757 (60.6%), followed by Z06 Coupes 6,980 (20.4%), Stingray Convertibles 4,830 (14.1%) and Z06 Convertibles 1,673 (4.9%).

The 2LT Package was the most popular for the Stingray with 10,625 models having it. Z06 buyers preferred the 3LZ Package with 5,932 models having it.

The Z51 Stingray Performance Package was a popular option with 13,523 buyers opting for it. While the Z07 Z06 Performance Package was added to only 3,378 Z06s.

The two new appearance packages the Atlantic and Pacific only accounted for 114 Corvettes. 17 Corvettes were optioned with the Atlantic Package and 97 with the Pacific Package. If you have one of these packages you have a pretty rare Corvette.

68% of Corvette buyers selected the 8 speed Paddle Shift Auto (M5U) once again taking the top spot. For the first time Z06 buyers were given the option to add the 8 speed Paddle Shift (M5U) and 4,186 buyers did so. 30,896 Corvette buyers added the Performance Exhaust.

Black Wheels (Q7T Painted Black ZF1/Z51) was tops for Stingray Coupes & Convertibles at 9,178, with RPK Black Machined the lowest with 297 buyers selecting this option. The Black Z06 (Q6U Black Z06) leads the pack on the Z06 at 4,656, with Q6J Spectra Gray with Machined Groove Z06 bringing up the rear at 782.

Black was the most popular interior with 45% (15,499) wearing it. For the Stingray Suede Gray (144) was the least asked for interior with only 124 out there. Suede Dark Gray (124) will only be seen on 47 Z06s. 82% (5,330) of the Convertibles are wearing a Black top. You will only find 197 Convertibles wearing the Blue (34T) top. 29,356 (86%) Corvette buyers opted for the GT Seat (AQ9).

11 exterior colors were offered with Arctic White (G8G) taking the number one position with 18.9%/6,561, followed by Torch Red (GKZ) 16.4%/5,625; Shark Gray 15%/5,130; Black 15%/5,128; Laguna Blue 8.8%/3,015; Crystal Red 6.4%/2,191; Velocity yellow 6%/2,065; Blade Silver 5.2%/1,791; Night Race Blue and Daytona Sunrise Orange each with 4.1%/1,417)


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