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March 29, 2011

With all the makings of a Hollywood drama, love story and action film, "The Quest" documents the incredible story of the first Corvette to win its class at the famous track in Le Mans France in 1960.  Of course the car couldn't have done it alone - "The Quest" tells the untold tale of the driver and the man who dreamed to take the car back to France for the 50th anniversary of the win but who lost his life early to a rare disease called Amyloidosis.
Elliot "Chip" Miller was all things automotive to millions of enthusiasts who passed through the gates of the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds between 1974 and his untimely death in 2004.  With Chip's passing, his dream of returning the #3 Cunningham Corvette to France lived on through his son Lance and the Miller family.
Through never before seen footage, photographs and interviews, filmmaker Brown weaves together an account of a special father/son bond and how that relationship overcame obstacles to fulfill a dream born in youth, nurtured into adulthood and set back by heartbreak.
With one of its original drivers, the now 93-year old John Fitch and the winning #3 Cunningham Corvette on hand for the premiere, filmmaker Michael Brown and the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation hope to raise awareness for Amyloidosis, a rare and incurable plasma cell disorder which attacks the body's main organs and claimed the life of Chip Miller.
"I'm very pleased to have "The Quest" Premiere in Carlisle as a benefit to the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation," noted filmmaker Michael Brown,  "Its origins go back to a final wish Chip had of establishing a means of raising awareness and channeling research funds in an effort to fight Amyloidosis.  Even if only one person is eventually helped in some way, the evening will be successful in my mind."
"People come to a racetrack to see the drivers in action," noted John Fitch fro his Connecticut home,  "But when I took the wheel to the #3 Corvette with Lance at my side, it was I who became the spectator.  At parade lap sped, I could observe not only the thousands of fans who cheered us on, but the emotions of my young passenger.  His efforts to fulfill the dream of his father and best friend had paid off," added Fitch.  "I was there to bear witness at close range.  It was a very special and satisfying experience.  I am pleased to have played my role and delighted that Michael Brown has memorialized it to share with others."
"This will be a once in a lifetime, must attend event," said Lance Miller, co-owner of Carlisle Events and son of the late Chip Miller.  "It's certainly not just about cars; it's about the way of life."
All of the details regarding the event are listed on the website: and the trailer for the documentary can be found on youtube:

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