Katech Performance Offers High Capacity LS7 Oil Pump

April 13, 2009

Katech's LS7 Oil Pump (part number KAT-A5069-LS7) is hand-assembled and features 30% greater scavenge capacity, which is designed to remove oil from the pan and put it into the tank faster for better oil control.
The ported LS7 Oil Pump is blueprinted to precise tolerances, serialized and documented.  It features a blue anodized front cover that is laser etched with the Katech Performance logo.
Katech pre-lubricates the pump to ensure it is lubricated for the first start-up until the engine oil fully lubricates it.  The LS7 Oil Pump retairls for $449.99 plus a $269 core deposit, which is refundable upon the return of an acceptable core.
For more information or to request a catalog, call (866)-KATECH1 or visit Katech Performance online at


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